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Welcome Boryspil! Only in September and October 2019! Start your trip on Getmancar car in Boryspil airport. End the trip in Kyiv city. We will compensate you 50 bonuses on your account.

Step-by-step instruction how to add your bankcard in Getmancar mobile application

Free parking in Boryspil airport, a new zone to finish carsharing use close to the terminals F and D

A step-by-step instruction how to become a beta-tester with iOS system

How to become a beta-tester in Getmancar application and use new functions that are available to nobody except for developer

GetmanCar does not allow to smoke in its cars not only the ordinary cigarettes, but also a mass of other things

What is Hold and how it functions

Errors that are not errors, but you may think that it is not such a thing

Cash withdrawal logic in the new Getmancar application, please, for your review

After reading a few reviews of people who have never used carsharing about a huge fine of 75,000 UAH. you come to the idea, why such a fine and is it not a fraud? Is it almost half the cost of a car? Better not to use it at all.... Especially for you, we have made an overview of the largest fine in our service.

The "Waiting" mode is used....

Using the car sharing you can use the car on the set territory, which is called the car use zone. And you can start and finish car sharing in the zone of beginning and finishing car sharing.

You can use the "Silent Night" tariff from 23:00 o`clock to 8 AM every day. According to this tariff, the "Waiting" service is provided for free from 23:00 to 07:00 AM (in usual format 0.99-1.29 UAH / minute)....

Reasons why your account may be blocked and answers on the most frequently asked questions what to do in this case

Responsibility of the user in Getmancar carsharing, how to make less the amount of deductible, and at which cases payment is demanded from you, even if you have chosen in the application settings a variant without deductible

For full use of the service, you need to download the application GetManCar....

If you come to the car and found damage before the beginning of the car sharing, immediately contact the Customer Service, photograph the damage and follow the operator's prompts to start the car sharing or use another car.

You can take pictures of cars for various purposes. As part of this publication, we would like to talk about the need for photography for your safety and alibi.

Using car sharing cars, you often ask the question: what happens if ......., then I will be charged extra money, and this is an additional responsibility and .... Here we will talk about how not to let you be blamed not for your actions and how to act correctly.

Any user of car sharing can park the used car in such places....

This article is dedicated to the questions of our users who do not understand where and how to park using car sharing.

The car service has two zones: the service start/end zone and the car use area...

Tariffs, what they mean and for which situations very tariff is the most suitable

How to make the responsibility for the car less, when there will be an insured event, to secure yourself

How to fuel Getmancar automobile, rules of fueling a car that you must know and what you must not do in no case when you fuel a car

The actions that you must immediately do if you get into road traffic accident and what you must not do at any case. When the user pays the whole sum of a damage without payment of insurance company.

If you want to be a user of a car-sharing service and actually use a car for trips, you need to register in our service, get approval from us about the registration and continue to use the service.

Dear users of car sharing service, below we provide information about base and additional equipment of the car.

Dear friends, our fleet is set from 100 cars at the moment of start the car sharing in Kiev. These cars are...