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Car sharing without problems

Using car sharing cars, you often ask the question: what happens if ......., then I will be charged extra money, and this is an additional responsibility and ....


Here we will talk about how not to let you be blamed not for your actions and how to act correctly.


At the beginning of the car sharing

Before you rush on the car by marking the precious minutes of the flowing time, do the following:

1. Inspect the car from the outside:

a. Wheels

b. Roof, sides, front and rear of the car

c. Windshield

If something can not be inspected until the end, for example, the car is snowballed, start renting, then take the brush and clear the car, then see: the operator always sees if you have started the traffic or not, because the damage on the body, reported after the start of the car sharing, but before the movement, if you reported them, will not be counted on you.

Please note that there may be minor damage to cars that are already marked with stickers, so they are fixed.

Did you see any damage? Take a picture and send it to the operator.

2. Start the rental and inspect the car in the cabin

a. Check the existence of the MTPL insurance policy, fuel card and vehicle registration certificate

b. If the car has traces of ash - take a photo and send it to the operator

c. You have a claim for car washing - send an application to the application and / or another convenient way for you - the operator

3. You are also a person. So something could not notice? Take a photo of the car from 4 sides with a definition of the geo position. Read more in the article: how to make a car photo

4. Start the movement


After the end of the car sharing

If you decide to finish the driving:

1. Park your car in an unliquidated place

2. Make sure the car:

a. Does not prevent passers-by

b. Does not interfere with other road users

c. Not in paid private parking

d. Not left in a closed courtyard, base, office .... with limited access or temporary access

e. The car will be easy to find by other users

f. The car will not interfere with anyone even if it stays a few days

3. Carry out all the actions with the car:

a. Close the windows

b. Turn the handle to the P-position on the automatic transmission or to the speed with the manual gearbox

c. Stop engine

d. Do not take documents or fuel cards, policies

e. Turn off the lights, including in the car. Please note that auto-turned knob of the turn signal, with the car ignition off, will automatically start the work of parking light, which will drain the battery.

f. Raise the parking brake

g. Leave the car and tightly close all doors and the trunk

h. Complete the sharing in the application - the car will be locked

4. Make the pictures of the car from 4 sides using the geo position, how to do it read: how to make a car photo.

If the car was hooked by someone after, but during the period of your use there was no damage, you can forward a photo with the geo position and time to the operator, which will be an alibi for you.

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