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Registration in the GetmanCar

If you want to be a user of a car-sharing service and actually use a car for trips, you need to register in our service, get approval from us about the registration and continue to use the service.


The service can be used without registration, but then you will only be able to view the cars on the map, but you will not be able to book them.

Register to book and use the car.


Where to register?

You can register via:

1. Our website, by reference

2. In the mobile app on iOS or Android.


How to register?

1. Fill in your last name and first name - as written in your passport

2. Specify your phone number and e-mail - you will receive information about your trips, statements from your personal account to e-mail and phone, as well as this information is necessary for contacting the Support Service, we will not accept a contact from another phone number.

3. Invent and enter the password, and re-enter the password.

4. If you are invited by promo code, enter it, for which you will receive bonuses.

5. Click the sliders if your age is more than 25, and the driving experience is more than 5 years.

6. Attach a photo of your documents and self picture with a driving license.

7. Read the terms and conditions of the Public Offer contract for Car Rental and Privacy Policy. Click the button that you agree with the terms.

8. Send this data by clicking the "send" button


Later, attach your bank card or several cards, if you plan to use more than one card for travel. You can attach only your own card to use it, otherwise it can be a reason for refusing to register, use the service and hold accountable if you have a crime in your actions.


If you do not attach a bank card, then the service can be used, but only by viewing the cars on the map. You will not be able to book and use the car for driving until you are registered, approved by the company and do not attach a bank card.


When you join a bank card than a small amount of money will be taken off (usually 1 UAH, but not more than 50 UAH). This amount will be returned to your card and / or credited to the bonus account in GetmanCar service.


After the approval of your account by the Security Service of our company, you will be able to make full use of the GetmanCar service.


If you received an email about the refusal to register or block your account, you can ask a question by email, we will respond to your request within 14 business days.

All appeals and complaints regarding denial of registration or account blocking are taken exclusively by mail to or to the company registration address by mail.

The support service does not have the ability to influence the decision-making by the company's security service, because it can not see or have full information about the blocking and / or denial of registration. Please, address on similar questions to email:


GetmanCar reserves the right to refuse registration and / or to block your account for security reasons without explaining the reasons for the blocking of the entry.

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