Getmancar carsharing is


car rental from 1 minute, cheaper than a taxi


keys and documents are in the car


without managers, contracts and offices


Take and leave a car at any zone round the cit

Like your own car for a rental period

But exactly you drive a car, tune up the music and control the temperature in the car

Take a car for a few minutes, or days. You DO NOT have to pay for the fuel, car washing and parking in the city!

Like a taxi, but cheaper

Taxi drivers raise the prices on holidays?

Our price is always the same no matter how popular the car is and what is the weather like today.

Our service is cheaper than a taxi at least for 20-30%

You do not have to listen taxi driver`s stories about their own lives or politics.

Just to have a ride

Take your mother, girlfriend or boyfriend and have a ride. Or you can drive on your own, quickly solve all your problems – take a car for a few minutes or hours.

Do not pay for the whole day, fuel and car washing – this is a matter of past.

How to use:

iphone iphone
  1. Download Getmancar app here.
  2. Sign up at the mobile app.
  3. Choose any car on the map.
  4. Open the car with the help of an app and go. The keys and documents are in the car.
  5. You can end your trip at any ending zone. They are drawn on the map.

More details are on the page “How to use”.

The service is affordable and easy to use, you need only to sign up at the app.


You can find more information about the tariffs, cars, terms and conditions on the page Tariffs

City parking and fuel do not need to pay

Download an app


Download an app

Carsharing service is provided with the help of your smartphone. Download an app on your smartphone, sign up there. The keys and documents are in the car.