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Getmanglobal, TOV

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4 thesis about Getmancar carsharing

Cheap Cheap

Pay only when you use. Cheaper than a taxi and taking care for your own car

Easy Easy

Just click for a couple of times at the app to open a car and start a trip

Freedom Freedom

Ride wherever you want, take any car, and all of the bothers leave to the service employees

Convenient Convenient

Use for some much time you need, take and leave the car at any zone round the city

Your own public transport

This is a public transport, but you use it on individual basis.Like a taxi, but you drive on your own, without any additional driver.

Like your own car, but you do not take car about its technical state, damage, etc.

For everyday usage

You pay only when you use it.

The fuel, car washing, parking round the city, insurance are included in the price, no extra charges.

Make short and long trips round the city quickly and for a cheap price.

You do not have to listen taxi driver`s stories about their own lives or politics.

Just to enjoy the moment

Choose any car mark, use it and have a ride.

Try new car marks, use the cars with automatic or manual gearbox.

5 steps to use Getmancar

iphone iphone
  1. Download Getmancar app here.
  2. Sign up at the mobile app
  3. Choose a car on the map, close to your location
  4. Book, open a car with the help of an app, go!
  5. End the trip at any special zone, they are drawn on the map

More details are on the page “How to use”.

Getmancar is much more easy than car rental, you have more freedom comparing to owning your own car and it is cheaper than using taxi services


You can find more information about the tariffs, cars, terms and conditions on the page Tariffs

Map of car sharing zones and free cars in Dnipro

You do not have to pay for municipal parking, fuel, taking care for the car

Download an app


Download an app

- Getmancar carsharing is an easy way to take a car for a rent in Dnipro. Everything you need is download an app and sign up there.

Getmancar - car rental in Dnipro

The modern world has come to the conclusion that a person uses his own car no more than a few hours a day, in total. Indeed, if we analyze the number of our trips on weekdays and weekends, it turns out that on weekdays we go to and from work, to the store, which we spend up to 1 hour or a little more than 1 hour. But on weekends, sometimes we go to friends, shopping, on vacation.

Today, the whole world points to car sharing as a way out of a situation that solves several important issues for humanity. Car sharing is a short-term car rental, and fortunately, such a service is available in Dnipro and is provided by Getmancar.

What issues does car sharing solve for the city, the world and personally for each person

  • Ecology - one car-sharing car is used instead of several own ones, so the amount of emissions is reduced, and if car-sharing uses electric cars, it has an even greater impact on the environment.
  • Reduction of city congestion and traffic jams - one car-sharing car replaces 75 own cars (World Bank calculation), so one person got to the right place, left the car, another started the trip.
  • Increase of parking spaces, reduction of cars in the city center - since car-sharing cars are shared by many people, it allows to leave many parking spaces free. The sharing car does not stay in one place for a long time, because there are many more users than cars.
  • A new type of transport - buses, subway and taxis, car sharing is added. In fact, it is our own public transport.
  • Profitability - more profitable than a taxi, often more profitable than your own car, especially for those people who do not do more than 17,000 km in 1 year.
  • All inclusive - no hassle, such as where to refuel the car, where to repair, when and where to insure, where to store winter tires, when to wash the car.
  • It's simple - all through the mobile application, no offices, contracts and managers. A couple of clicks and you're the driver.

How to use car sharing in the Dnipro

Three easy steps to get started:

  1. Download the Getmancar mobile application
  2. Register in a few steps through the application
  3. Strat your trip by finding a free car in the app

Benefits of working with Getmancar

To understand what to use, the usual car rental in the Dnipro cityr or Getmancar services, read the list of benefits, it will give you the confidence to choose:

  1. No offices - no need to go to the office to sign a contract or get a car. There are no surcharges for delivery.
  2. No any paper docs - nothing needs to be signed, everything is purely online
  3. Cars are available 24/7, 365 days a year - we have no weekends, holidays. You book a car and open it through the mobile application.
  4. Different rates - from minute, hourly to daily.
  5. All tariffs include fuel in the price, which is not in the usual car rental.
  6. All rates include city parking, so park our cars for free.
  7. Car wash - included in the price, nothing to pay extra.
  8. The cheapest tariff - our daily tariff is cheaper than the daily tariff of any car rental. Thus we offer such tariff from the first day, and the car rental company only at 30 days of rent.
  9. Take and leave the car in different parts of the city - there are no surcharges for this.

So, if you urgently need a car in the city, you do not need to contact a car rental company, find a free car on the map in the Getmancar application - and drive along the Dnipro!