Any citizen of Ukraine that has a document allowed him (her) to live at the Ukrainian territory. The customer has to be no younger than 25 years and has experience of driving no less than five years
This question can be solved after you contact with Customer service. Or you can take advantage of the special tariff "Young driver"
You need to have Ukrainian citizen passport, driver’s license.
Yes. If they have enough driving experience and age. They use service only with deposit 10 000 UAH. The deposit returns during 96 hours from the moment you send us a letter to e-mail. The deposit is payed to the account.
The web footer has the public offer contract, also this contract you can find at the mobile App. Public offer contract
Download App at AppStore or GooglePlay, start registration at the App or via web. Video
The App you can download at AppStore for IOS or at GooglePlay for Android. Video
If you have a registration, you can use login and password you have. Do not need to make a registration again.
You can make a registration at the web or at the App. Video Registration
You can add these docs, sending them to e-mail. Your account will be blocked till we do not receives docs.
You can use a service without adding a card to your account, but in this case, you can see the cars on the map, but cannot rent a car. Also you can have a limitation to enter other services. You’ll not have full rights to use the service in case you do not add a card to your account.
After you complete the registration, please wait for acceptance of your account that is made during 2-96 hours. Also check that you add a card number to your account. After acceptance you can start to use a service.
The 1 UAH is taken from your card after you add the card to the service for check your card. This money will return to your card or bonus account.
This problem can be observed for several reasons:
  1. You use a low-standard card, such as Visa Electron or Maestro, the use of this card format does not allow for a card-sharing.
  2. Your card has a low Internet limit or your limit is exhausted, please contact the bank to increase the limit or withdraw it.
  3. on the card operations of direct debiting are forbidden, please contact the bank for withdrawal of the limit of non-acceptance write-off.
If all these reasons are eliminated, your card will necessarily appear after joining and withdrawing UAH 1. Checked by 100%.
There are only two reason: You did not add your card to your account You have not received accept from the company yet
This can be caused by several reasons:
  • There are no free cars near to your vicinity. Please change you card to smaller to see more places.
  • You do not add a card to your account
  • Your account do not accepted or still waiting for acceptance
  • You turn off the possibility of checking your position with the car sharing App
The car refilling is our service and expenses, except the cases of using the car with non fueled tariff.
All expenses are on us, except the cases when the cleaners service needed because of your car using.
The tariff includes fuel, car washing, and seasonal tires. Also some tariffs without fuel included can be proposed. Tariffs
All tariffs you can see at the tariffs on the web. The tariffs that available are: per-minute, hourly, daily with payment for each km or not.
Per-minute tariffs have a mileage limit of 50 km / trip. Hourly and daily rates are offered with or without mileage, as indicated in the appendix when choosing a tariff. If the included mileage is marked as "0", then each km of mileage is paid separately according to the mileage excess rate.
No, we do not propose such services.
No, it is not allowed. The customer will receive a fine in case of negotiation of this rule.
The Per-minute tariffs are written off after the lease is over. The tariffs based on the subscription (Hourly, Daily) are written off immediately at the moment when car sharing starts, and additional km if they are levied, are taken upon the completion of the lease. Please note that if, the amount of using the services exceeded 75 UAH during the period of the car sharing, then this amount will be charged, and if the amount less than 75 UAH. It is taken after the end of the rent.
The rent payment is done after the car usage; because of this the part of payment cannot be taken. Also the debt can obtain in such cases:
  1. You have no money or it finished on your card while car usage
  2. We received information about penalties on the car or somebody put a claim or there is the court decision about cases damages to the third parties
  3. You do not pay for a parking service and left a car there
  4. You left the car out of the usage zone
  5. Damages on the car
  6. The documents, refilling cards lost after your car usage
  7. The wheels are damaged after you used a car
In case you received the message about debt you can`t use services. To pay the debt you can just put money on your card and ask operators to take the payment from your card or pay the debt by clicking “pay debt” at the App or pay via our bank account.
Each car has the wheels according to the season.
We do not have deposit in most tariffs. The exception may be at the tariffs for the Young Driver and Foreigners.
The car passport, TP insurance policy, fuel card (PIN code you can know calling our operators)
The car opens/closes using mobile App. For engine start use the key that set is in the key start/stop hole.
Please contact the Customer service. We solve your problem as soon as possible.
Stop the car and turn on the emergency signal. Call the Customer service.
All cars are insured for CDW and TPL. The limit of liability is equal to the deductible ammount, according to your tariff. When using a tariff with a "0" or "all inclusive", the deductible is 0.
Deductible (franchise) is the amount that is not paid by the insurance. For example, in case you damage the car and the price of repair is 10 000 UAH, the insurance company pay just 5 000 UAH, another 5 000 UAH you’ll pay by yourself. In case the accident equal 2 000 UAH, than the insurance company pay nothing, you’ll pay 2000 UAH by yourself.
Call the police 102, call our Customer support. Write and give information about other car to our operators. Wait for police coming and fill the documents. Give the documents to our representative no later than the next day.
In case you find a damages on the car, that are not set by marker, than give our operators information about this and send us photos (via viber, telegram, whats app, skype, e-mail: info@getmancar.com.ua), than follow the operator advices.
In case the damages are not put by sticker or you gave the operator information about the damages and sent photos and you are told you can use the car, than use the car. In case the damages are not set, operator didn’t not give the agree to use the car – than cancel the booking and use another car.
Any damages less than 5 sm if these are not windows or glass cover or not scratch or other damages set by the sticker.
If the low fuel indication turns on, use authorized petrol station. Fuel card is inside the car in the glow box. Tell the operator you are going to refill the tank before you are going to refill it. The operator gives you PIN code and you can refill the car.
You can tell about this problem to our operators. Then you can come to gas station and refuel the car according to the operator advices. Then take the bill and make photo behind the car panel, then send photo to our viber or email. Leave the bill inside the glow box. Your bonus account receives money and bonuses for refueling. These bonuses can be used in our service.
Tell the operator about the problem. We solve this problem as soon as possible. You can use another car.
Stop the car, do not leave the place of accident, call the police and tell Customer service about the damages. Then follow the operators advices.
In case you find dirty car – tell us about this. We will make the car good during short period. You can clean the car by yourself, but we do not compensate these expenses.
You can use the car at allowed (pink) zone. Start and finish the rental at any place of pink zone. The color can differ depending on different type of phone, operational system of your device. Watch a video, article "Zones of the car sharing"
The zone of usage is a place that set at the map. You can use the car just at this zone, start and finish the rental there. Also there are additional zones where you can finish rental but for additional payment. Article "Zones of the car sharing"
In case you are going to finish rental, than park the car according to the Traffic Rules at allowed places. Turn off the ignition, close the windows and turn on the hand brake or select the speed on transmission (if the car with the manual transmission) or the “P” selection (in case the car with automatic gearbox). Leave the car and close the doors, than select “finish rental”. The car closed automatically. It is prohibited to finish the rental at the places where are the car interferes the traffic, pedestrian, places that is impossible to go out, garages or payed parkings. Attention! Any finish of the rental can be done at the places where is good mobile or GPS connection is. Article "Zones of the car sharing"
You can use the car only according to the rules of classic rental. Call our Customer support, come to our office and you can use the car as similar car rental for several days or hours. You can also use our car sharing car to drive to our office.
Car sharing is the individual service. In case you want to use a service with your friend, he (she) can sign in to our service also. In case you are tired, finish the rental, than your friend can start the rental.
Everybody has to be registered as single user.
This is a small amount that is put to your bonus account for your good doings. You can use bonuses in full range. 1 bonus is equal to 1 UAH. Promos
The bonuses are giving after the registration, or for inviting your friends to the service, other good deals.
The bonuses can be spent only through our service, cannot be refunded by money.
Park the car, tell about the wheel to our operator. We solve this problem as soon as possible. Use another car near to you.
Use the mobile app to open a car. Attention! You can open only the car that you order.
If you order the car but cannot find it, please press “blink” at the mobile App. The car makes horn signal and blinks.
Turn off the ignition, cabin lights and outdoor lights of the car, put on hand brake. Put the transmission to the “P” selection or to the first speed (manual transmission), close the windows, go out from the car and press the button “Finish rental” at the App.
Watch the marks at the App. May be you did not turn off the lights or put on the hand brake. In case everything is done, but the car still is not closed check the internet connection. It is impossible to close the car at places that do not have internet or GPS connection. Put the car to another place and try to close it again.
There is a charger inside the car. In case if this variant does not fit for you, call to the Customer service from other phone, operators help you to close the car.
Yes. Notice! If you finished the rental, the car becomes available to other people. In case, if other customers do not take the car you can use it again.
Use the "Waiting" button. In per-minute tariffs this is a paid service from 0.99 UAH. per minute (see your package and cost), in Hourly, Daily tariffs, the "Waiting" service is used to close the car doors without the need to complete the lease. Hourly and Daily tariffs do not charge "Waiting", this service is included in the price of the subscription. During the "Waiting" period, the subscription will still be spent.
When you book the car, the car is gone from the map and is visible only for you.
If you are not guilty of an accident and there is another participant in the accident, the incident is recorded in the police, you reported to us from the scene of the incident and everything is done according to the rules of traffic regulations, the insurance company decided to pay - we have no claims for deductible, except for your cases of payment for additional services, for example: evacuation, site fines, police fines ........., which are imposed on us, due to the road accident in which you participated. In any case, we will defend our interests and your interests to the end in any case.
You will automatically switch to a per-minute tariff. In order to continue using the hourly tariff, you need to complete the rental and re-select the hourly tariff.
Just write us an e-mail from your e-mail address that you wish to use service with zero deductible. Our operators activate this service during 24 hours.
You right. We recommend always make a photo before you start and after you finish each car sharing. In case of any damage, you can send us photo. We check it and take these photos as truth. Link on article, how to make pictures - https://getmancar.com.ua/en/post/photographing_a_car.html
The payment you do for car sharing service includes free parking at the municipal parking areas all over Kiev city. https://getmancar.com.ua/en/post/where_to_park_a_car_from_car_sharing_service_in_kiev.html
The keys cannot be taken from the ignition. They are locked there. You can just break it, trying to take it off from ignition.
Please send us pictures or video before starting and after finishing the car sharing. In case there seen that the car had some damages after you finished car sharing or the car had damages before you start car sharing, we will be always on your side.
Please check your e-mail. We send you an e-mail, but you do not checked it. The reason of blockig are:
  1. you did not added docs
  2. you added the pictures of your docs from the copies
  3. you did not send all docs or send another docs that needed. Often you did not send us the docs with registration (place and adress of living)
  4. the pictures you sent us have very bad quality
  5. the pictures are cut
  6. you had no age or driver's experience
  7. you sent illegal docs
  8. other reasons set in our letter
In this case just send us photo that were asked, than we start moderarion.
Article about blocking
The moderation is going during 2 - 96 hours from the moment of your registration.
The app use 3 languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. The languages turns automatically, that depends on the system language of your device.
To choose tariff book a car, after press Star to rent you’ll see the tariffs you can choose.
Download the App, press the button “Watch cars”
You can start car sharing at any zone, but you can complete rental only at the drop off zones.
It can be done by user using “Waiting mode”, also the car can be left after washing, inspection…..
In case you are going to start car sharing in the morning and the car is needed near your house, use free night “waiting mode” at any zone, according to the “Silent night” tariff.

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