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What is Getmancar?

Carsharing is a very convenient and simple car rental. Without offices, managers, paper acts of giving/getting a car, payment into box office, huge deposits, the return of a car strictly at the office in working hours and other bureaucracy. Use the App to operate the service and use a car. This is a car rental with the help of the application. Open, close a car with the help of Getmancar application. The price includes parking in the city, fuel, insurances, tires according to the season and many others.
Carsharing is one of the means of transport. Due to the fact that car sharing is so simple and quick, it started to make a competition with taxi, especially in Europe and America. Our trips, as a rule, are cheaper 30%-200% than taxi. Of course, it is necessary to know how to use. The more you use, the more you know. Choose the tariffs that suit you according to your trip.
Everybody chooses what is beneficial for him/her. This is convenient and simple. It is easier than renting a car anywhere. Our service will help you if:
  • You need a car from point A to B
  • You need a car for your own business
  • You need a second car for the family, not for constant use, but from time to time
  • Your own car needs to be repaired
  • You are waiting for a car that you have ordered in USA or in a car show room
  • You just do not need a car anymore, you calculated that maintaining it and lose on the price difference is not beneficial at all
Of course, you can. Choose a car, if there is “drop off” zone for the trips in your area, you will be able to finish the ride there.

Application Completion Zone Getmancar

Of course! Download the application, you can see cars, a map with the zones, you can read the contract, rules and FAQ. If you want to use the service, you will have to sign up.

Getmancar for non-registered users main

Getmancar for non-registered users menu

Getmancar for non-registered users info

Start Using Getmancar

Any person who is at least 21 years old with the driving experience from 2 years (date of issue of the driving license, or the date that is set in your driving license with category B). The citizens of Ukraine, foreign people and persons without any citizenship can use the service.
Download Getmancar application in AppStore or GooglePlay, sign up in the application or on the website.
Take photos of the passport and driving license pages that are asked by the service with the help of the application while signing up. What the service is asking for:
  1. The picture of the passport page with a photo. Or the front side if you use ID card.
  2. The photo of the passport with the registration place (residence). Or an extract from the register if you have ID card.
  3. The front side of the driving license.
  4. The reverse side of the driving license.
  5. Your selfie with driving license.

Adding passport photos in the Getmancar app

Adding id card photos in the Getmancar app

Adding photos of a driver’s license in the Getmancar app

You can start signing up and add photos of your documents that are left later. It is impossible to use a car without adding all the documents.
Have you signed up? Add your credit card for paying for the service.
The moderation will open the access to the service as soon as possible. The maximum term of your access to the service is 48 hours from the moment of adding documents.
If something is missed or we could not read your documents or we need additional information, we will either send you a letter on your email or message in Getmancar application. Please, help us to approve your account as soon as possible, just answer the letter or make the necessary actions in the App (take new photos, add new ones).
As soon as moderation is ended, we will send you a letter on your email and push notification in Getmancar application.

Account Approved Push Notification

Account Approved Email Notification

Account approved letter in the mail

If you meet the fact that the credit card is not being added, while adding the bank card to Getmancar service, and the operation of freezing of 1 (one) UAH is successful. Please, contact your bank, it is likely that:
  • There is a prohibition on internet transactions on your card
  • There is a limit / low limit on internet payments
  • The bank card has been blocked for acceptance-free payments
  • A low bankcard status (Visa Electron, Maestro).

Prices, Costs, How to Use?

The price includes:
  • The car for use
  • CDW (20 000 UAH deductible) and TPL, in order to lower the deductible, use the additional insurance
  • The fuel for the whole period of using the car
  • Car washing
  • Municipal parking in Kyiv/Dnipro
  • Tires on the car according to the season
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Taxes and charges
We have per-minute, per-hour and daily tariffs. Tariffication calculates as per-second.
You pay for the per-minute tariffs according to the number of minutes that you have used at the trip.
If you exceeded 50 kilometers of run in one trip, the payment for each kilometer is added additionally in the per-minute tariffication.
Example #1 (per-minute tariff): 50 minutes trip, the distance is 30 kilometers – you pay only for 50 minutes.
Example #2 (per-minute tariff): 40 minutes trip, the distance is 60 kilometers – you pay for 40 minutes of your trip and 10 kilometers of exceeding the mileage in your trip.
Per-hour tariff (Hodyna + 10 km) – there are 10 kilometers of run and 1 hour of time in the tariff, you pay only for the time of use in the trip (for example, 75 UAH per hour). You will have to pay for the kilometers of run only in case you have exceeded 10 kilometers of run during one hour.
Example #1 (per-hour tariff): 55 minutes trip, the distance if 8 kilometers. The cost of the trip is 75 UAH.
Example #2 (per hour tariff): 50 minutes trip, the distance is 12 kilometers. The cost of the trip is 75 UAH + 4.5 UAH for every kilometers that exceeds 10 milometers, that means 4.5*2 = 9. In total 75 + 9 =84 UAH. The tariffs are just for an example for the trip on a car from economy class.
Daily tariffs (“Dobovyi + 100 km”) – you pay for the time of use (for example, 670 UAH per day). If you drive for less than 100 km, there are no extra charges, if you exceed 100 km (distance). Every km is paid according to the car tariff (for example 4,50 UAH/km for a car of economy class).
All the tariffs are presented at the tariff card when you book a car.
You can read about all the tariffs here.
Add your credit card with the help of application for paying Getmancar service. We charge 1 (one) UAH from your bank card and return it immediately to check the card.
The payment for using the car is made from your bankcard. The deposit from 300 – 1000 UAH is blocked on your card before starting the trip. The amount of deposit depends on the tariff you choose. The payment is made at the end of the trip or with the help of partial discharging at the period of your trip. The payment is charged extra from your deposit, and the deposit is returned at 1:15 am on the next day after you ended the trip. The deposit is frozen only at the first trip in a day.
The deposit may vary if your rating is low. Make some trips and we will make your deposit lower, according to the analytics of your trip.
If the payment for the service was not successful, the costs will be charged from the deposit and the rest of the deposit will be returned according to the rules of payment systems (as a rule, it will take some days, but no more than 14 days).
Our employees refuel the cars but if there is less than 20% of fuel in the car, you will have to refuel it. There is a fuel card in the glove box, we will activate it on your demand and you will be able to refuel the car. We will give you 50 bonuses for the time you spent at fuel station.
If there is no fuel station close to you, you can contact Support Service and refuel the car for your own money. We will compensate the cost of fuel and will give you 50 bonuses on your account for the time you spent on the refueling.
Refuel the car according to the instruction in the application.
After refueling, send us a photo of the bill from gasoline station on the background of the dashboard.

Getmancar app asks to refuel the car

Getmancar app tips for refueling your car

An example of a photograph in the Getmancar app after refueling the car

Opening the car in the Getmancar app after refueling the car

Continuation of the rental in the Getmancar app after refueling the car

You can use the car within “zone of use” – a solid zone on the map. It is forbidden to left “zone of use”. If you really need it, contact Support service before the start of the trip, they will help you.
You can end the trip only in “drop off zones” (darker zones like small islands on the map). You have to finish the trip according to the road traffic rules in order that the car will not be evacuated by the police or the parking inspection.
You can leave the car out of the drop off zone only if you use “waiting” or “transfer” modes.

Getmancar application area (Kiev)

Completion zones in the Getmancar application (Kiev)

Auto outside Getmancar completion zone (Kiev)

Use mobile application to open the car. Attention! You can open only the car you have booked.

Reservation car Getmancar

Open car in Getmancar

Close car inGetmancar

All the keys are built in the ignition lock or a car works without a key (keyless button). Do not try to extract the key from the ignition lock, it is built in the lock, you can only break it by extracting.
You will find all documents in the car glove department: certificate of registration, third-party liability insurance polis (or in the electronic variant that is allowed by the Law), fuel card. Check before the start of the rental period.
Leave a car in any “drop off zone” (darker places that looks like islands on the map). End your trip in the following way:
  • Park a car according to the road traffic rules
  • Turn the lever of automatic transmission into “P” or leave a car in gear, if it equipped with the manual gearbox
  • Turn on the handbrake
  • Turn off the light, close the windows and turn off the engine
  • Leave a car
  • Push “end” button in the application
  • Take some photos of the car to fix its state in case it is damaged after you leave it.
You must not park and end the trip in the following places:
  • With bad GPS signal
  • At the paid parking areas
  • Closed parkings, yards, warehouses, offices where there is no free access
  • Violating road traffic rules as well as parking on the places for disabled people, electric cars, taxi
  • In places where the car disturbs the pedestrians, on the drive, create obstacles

Completion zones in the Getmancar application

How to choose a tariff?

You choose a tariff before booking a car. Swipe the screen of the application to the left and you will see different tariffs.
Read the information about the tariff on the card. If there is little information, click on the sign «INFO» and read more.

Swipe tariff

Tariff selection

Tariff details

The choice of the tariff depends from your aims, the time of the trip and the road traffic density.
If you know that you will quickly get to the place, there are no traffic jams and your trip is just from point A to point B – the best decision would be a per-minute tariff.
If you need to drive to 2-5 places, you do not know how much you will be there, there may be a traffic jam on the road – a subscription may be the best decision.
During the first trip try to use an Hourly tariff, you will have fixed amount of time and you will certainly be in no hurry. When you have a bit of experience, it will be easier for you to choose a tariff.
The subscription is bought for a certain amount of time and the services that are not included are paid additionally.
For example:
  • “Hour + 10 km” subscription (an example for the cars of a standard class, Skoda Fabia) – the cost is 75 UAH for 60 minutes of use. There are 10 km of run in the tariff. And every km that exceeds 10 km during one hour is paid 4,50 UAH/km. It is convenient in traffic jams, there is no counting mechanism, if you just need to wait for somebody and do not need to drive a lot.
  • “Day + 100 km” subscription (an example for the cars of a standard class, Skoda Fabia) – the cost is 670 UAH for 24 hours, 100 kilometers are included without an extra charge. If you drive for more than 100 km in 24 hours of time, every additional km, will cost 4.50 UAH/km
Pay attention, that any subscription can be ordered for several hours/days with the help of the buttons “-“ and “+”. If the subscription comes to an end, the per-minute tariff will automatically be turned on and a notification will be sent in the application.
The payment in the per-minute tariff is such, for example tariff:
  • “Dynamic” – the cost of the minute of use is 2-4 UAH/minute (for economy class), it depends from the popularity of the car in the zone, where it is located. If you drive for no more than 50 km in one trip, you pay only for the time. The exceeding of 50 kilometers in the trip is paid additionally.
*An example is according to the active tariffs on the definite cars in one of the cities where we offer the service. For the tariff of the current interest, see application and/or the section of tariffs on the website.

Minute rate in Getmancar app

Hourly rate in Getmancar app

Daily rate in Getmancar app

When the subscription has ended you will be automatically turned to the per-minute tariff, a notification will be sent in the application as push.
End your trip and start it again in order to buy any subscription.
It is impossible to buy new subscription while the previous is valid. Wait until the subscription is ended and activate a new one.


Before giving you an access to the car, on your bank card will be blocked the sum of the deposit and the amount of the subscription if you choose the subscription for carsharing. If the blocking on your bankcard was not successful, the car will not be opened.
Check: Internet limit, the permission for Internet operations.
Need help? Call the Support service.
The car cannot be also opened if your account in the application is negative.
If you want to drive a car, click booking, previously choosing the tariff. Now the car is not available to anybody else, nobody can drive this car and see it in the application and you have 20 free minutes to get to the car. When 20 minutes will end, the payment of 0.99 UAH will be turned on.
You will have 3 free bookings during 24 hours period, the next free bookings will be available from the moment of the last booking.
The refusal from the booking is free

Car booking in Getmancar app

Car insurance in Getmancar app

Free booking in the Getmancar app

Use the button of route evaluation to the car before booking it. When you click on it, you will see a distance and approximate time to the car from your location.
If you booked a car, click on the button “route evaluation”. The application will suggest mapping a route to the car.

Navigation button

Way to the car

Use the button “blink”, the car will blink and/or make a sound. Pay attention that the function works with the definite delay, so that next time you will be able to blink in some seconds.

blink button in application Getmancar

You have booked a car and come to it, click “open”. The deposit is blocked on your card and the car is opened. Now you have 5 FREE minutes to examine the car and check the documents there.
Evaluate the car state. Take some photos according to the perspective-recommendations in the car, even if you missed something, we will definitely see it. Photo is your prove and an application to the electronic transfer and acceptance act. When you take photos, we see the car state and how you have seen it.
If you do not tell us about the car damages and do not fix them, we will not be able to understand that the damages were not made by you but by another user or the third party. Please, take some photos!

5 free minutes for a photo 1

5 free minutes for a photo 2

You can use the warming-up function in the per-minute tariffs in the cold periods.
After you have examined the car, click “warm up” a car and additional time will be given to you to warm it up (as a rule, 5 minutes). Turn on the engine and warm up a car. To end the “warming-up” click “continue” and drive or pull away, the car will fix the beginning of the movement and will turn you to the use regime automatically.
In order for the function “warming up” to be working, you must activate it in your application.

Enable warm-up mode in Getmansar app settings

Confirm warm-up

Warm-up mode during rental

If you drive to the supermarket or to any other place and you are not going to end the trip, use the “waiting” function, it will close the car and turn you to the reduced tariff of the usage.

close car in application Getmancar

This is the mode that is used to close the cars in the period when you are going to continue the trip but want to leave a car and close it. In case of using this mode in the per-minute tariff, you will be turned to the cheaper price (0.99 UAH/minute, in the nighttime 11 pm till 7 am – it is free). This mode is free in the subscriptions (there is no additional payment) at the time when the subscription is active.

Waiting mode in getmancar app

The cost of waiting in a minute rate

Cost of waiting in the subscription

Look at the tips in the application. This often happens because you:
  • Do not turn off the light
  • Do not activate handbrake
  • Do not turn the lever of automatic gearbox into “P”
  • Do not turn off the ignition
  • Do not close the door, the trunk, the hood
  • Put the car in the place where there is no GPS and /or GSM signal. Put the car in another place and try again.
If you cannot figure everything out, call Support service, we will help you.

Getmancar App Unlit Light Warning

Getmancar app warning of a lowered hand brake

A warning about the gearbox 'P' mode not activated in the Getmancar application

Getmancar ignition warning

Getmancar App Open Door Warning

Call to Support service from any phone, tell the answers on the security questions for your identification, the operator will help you to close the car and end the car usage.
If you ended the trip, the car became available for everybody. Do you want to drive again? Push the button of booking and/or start of the trip.
If you drive the car and you certainly want it not to be taken by the neighbors, use the “Waiting” mode, the car will not be available to other users and you will be able to start the trip at the time you need it.

Car reservation

Car opening

Putting the car into standby mode

The function allows to drop of the car in the places where there is no drop of zone. You want to finish carsharing, but there is no drop off zone in the place you are (darker zone in the application). In this case, it is possible to use “transfer” mode.
As soon as you activate this mode, the car will be closed and become available for every user of Getmancar (similarly to the ending). You will not be able to use another car while the car you put into “transfer” mode will not be booked by any other user.
When your car is in “transfer”, the sum of 0.30 UAH/minute (18 UAH/hour) is charged from you until the car is booked by another user.
If you decide to rent this car that is in “transfer” mode then the “transfer” period will be recalculated as the “waiting” mode. The application will send you a notification about this, if you agree, that will be in this way, if you refuse, the car will remain in “transfer” mode.
“Transfer” mode is created for you to leave a car at any place. If the place where you leave a car is popular, the car will be taken as soon as possible.

End rental in Getmancar application

choice of transmission mode in the Getmancar application

pick up the car from transmission mode

transfer confirmation window

“Radar” function in the application helps to notify about free cars. For example, you opened the application and you do not have a car close to you? You can activate “radar” and state the action radius. As soon as a free car appears, the application will send you a push notification. Book a car and start the trip as soon as possible, maybe you are not the only one who uses radar?

Turning on the radar in Getmancar app settings

Push notification of a car

How to Pay

The payment for using the car is going by charging the money for the trip. The payment is collected in the following way: by freezing the deposit on your bank card and charging the payment apart from the deposit or by reaching the edge sum for you to pay (it is defined by program) at the end of the trip or partially during the usage period.
If it is impossible to charge the sum from your bank card, then the amount for the trip will be charged from the deposit at the midnight and what is left will be returned to your bank card.
This is a small amount that is blocked before the start of the trip. The payment is collected apart from this sum. If the payment was successful, the deposit is unblocked at 1:15 am on the next day.
If the payment was not successful, the payment will be taken from the deposit and the rest will be unblocked at 1:15 am on the next day, but in this way the bank will return you the difference on your bank card for some bank days according to Visa, Mastercard rules.
The deposit is blocked only at the first trip of the day.

Deposit amount for a minute rate

Security deposit for hourly rate

Security deposit for daily rate

The first sum – 500 UAH (deposit) is blocked by the bank, the second sum – 70 UAH is the cost of your trip.
If you made a trip, than 500 UAH (deposit) will be unblocked next day at 1:15 AM (except for the cases when you are in active trip at the midnight). If your balance is negative, then the sum for the services (70 UAH in the example) will be taken from the sum of the deposit). The rest will be returned to you in several days, according to the rules of the payment system.

Deposit amount and price per minute

Security deposit and hourly rate

Deposit amount and daily rate

This is a small award that is charged in your bonus account in our system for different good actions. You can use bonuses in full size as money. 1 bonus is equal to 1 UAH.

Getmancar App Bonuses

The bonuses are charged for registration, invitation of friends to the service, other good actions.

Invite a friend and get bonuses

Enter promo code when registering in Getmancar service

Bonus accrual after entering promo code

Getmancar account bonuses

If the system could not charge the money for the trip, the sum of the deposit will be charged from the deposit and the difference will be returned to you. In this case returning of the difference will happen from 15 minutes to 14 days. For example, the sum of the deposit is 1000 UAH, the sum of the trip is 300 UAH. If there was not 300 UAH on your bank card, at the end of the day 300 UAH will be charged from 1000 UAH of the deposit and will return you 700 UAH of the difference on your bankcard. If there was 300 UAH on your bank card, in this case, the sum of 300 UAH is charged and the sum of 1000 UAH of the deposit would be blocked in 15 minutes of time.
If while being on the trip, the system sent you a demand for partial charge for the trip (as a rule, if the trip is long or there is a big mileage) and the charge from the bank card was not successful, you will not be able to open the car with negative balance. Please, pay the debt and continue the usage.

Insurance. Breakdown. Accident

All the cars have fully comprehensive insurance and third-party liability insurance. Your limit of responsibility is a deductible of 20 000 UAH (the sum that is not payed by the insurance).
The deductible will activate only if you are guilty in road traffic accident, the guilt is intermutual or it was impossible to define the one who is guilty. If the third party is guilty in the road traffic accident – the insurance pays the full sum of damage.
Additionally, you can use the tariffs with lower responsibility.
In order to make the responsibility lower, click on “book” button, choose “turn on” the insurance.

Booking a car in a minute fare Getmancar

Getmancar Insurance at Minutes

Booking a car in the Getmancar hourly fare

Getmancar hourly insurance

Deductible is a sum that is not payed by the insurance company. For example, the deductible is 5000 UAH. If there is a car damage of 10 000 UAH, the insurance company will pay only 5000 UAH and you will pay the other 5000 UAH. If there is a damage of 2000 UAH – the insurance company will pay nothing, the sum will be withdrawn from you, because the deductible is 5000 UAH
You will be offered the additional insurance at the start of the trip. The amount of the additional insurance cost depends on the tariff plan and car class you have chosen. If you agree, the amount of deductible will be lowered from the standard (20 000 UAH) to 5 000 UAH. If you refuse from the additional insurance, the car will be used in the standard regime.

How to use?
Choose “ye” on a screen and a tariff with the insurance will be connected.
In order nt to activate the additional insurance, click “no, thanks” and additional insurance will not be activated.

Booking a car in a minute fare Getmancar

Getmancar Insurance at Minutes

Conditions when the additional insurance does not work
  1. The accident has not been fixed (register) at the police
  2. Driving a car in a state of alcoholic, narcotic intoxication or under the influence of medicinal drugs that lower the reaction, as well as the refusal to have medical examination.
  3. The damage is made in the process of the driving stage when the car photos before the start and end of the trip were not added, as well as were added the photos from the angle when it is impossible to see the presence or absence of the damaged, it is impossible to see on the photos the part of the car that was damaged as a result of an accident.
  4. Driving away, leaving the place of an accident.
  5. Fraud, giving suspect data, when the accident happened under other circumstances than it was declared.
  6. Water-hammer effect – water ingress to the engine.
  7. Cut, tire blowout.
Conditions when the additional insurance works
  1. The photos of the car were made before the statrt of the trip and were added with the help of Getmancar application. The part of the car that was damaged as a result of an accident can be clearly seen on the photos, as well as the absence of the damages at the start of the trip.
  2. It was declared to the Support service about the accident taking place, the police was called in on the place of an accident, driver had the medical examination and its result is – the absence of alcoholic intoxication.
  3. There are no circumstances that can prevent the insurance from working.
  • Do not leave the place of accident, do not move the car and the other things
  • Call the police – 102
  • Contact Support service and tell about the accident
  • Make a record about the data of the second car (its number, model, driver`s data)
  • Wait until the police come and fill in the documents about the accident, have an alcohol test using dredger
  • Give documents to Getmancar representative no later than the next day and/or sent documents photos with the help of the messenger
The Support Service will help you to end the trip, contact the insurance company, send municipal cars evacuation service and the staff to the place of an accident.
If you have seen any damage on the car that is not marked by sticker then tell the operator about the damage and send us photos with the help of an application, contact Support service if you need it and follow the operator’s tips.
If the damage is marked by a sticker or you told the operator about the damage and sent photos and our employee agreed that you can use the car, then you can make a trip. If there is no sticker near the damage, the operator did not allow you to use the car, annul the booking and use another car.
Tell the operator about the car problem, we will solve the problem as soon as possible. You can use another car.
Tell the operator about the car problem, we will solve the problem as soon as possible. You can use another car.
Park the car and tell the operator about the problem. We will solve the problem as soon as possible. Use any other free car.
Do not drive the car with a flat tire, it will destroy the wheel.
Make a stop, turn on the hazard lamps and contact Support service following the operator`s tips.

Additional Questions

The tires on the cars are according to the season.
We have a public offer contract, it is in electronic form. There is an active link in Getmancar application and on the website for you to read the contract and all its versions
No, this is a severe violation. There is a fine for such a violation. The smoking is prohibited including e-cigarettes and IQOS. More details about smoking in carsharing car you can find in the following article.
The application is made on 3 languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English, the language is connected automatically, it depends on the system language of your phone.

Smartphone home screen

Settings menu

Additional settings

Menu language and input

System language selection

Contact Support service, we will help you.