How to use

Download an App
Sign in at mobile App or via web, add your docs
Sign e-contracts at App or web
Receive acceptance from Company, start to book and use
Choose a car near to you
Click “Order”
Choose a type of rental
Come near to a car and start rental
Watch a car outside and check the docs inside a car
Evaluate the car, sign e prof of act
Choose a tariff and start rental
Park the car in an accessible place (not the yard and not enclosed places), which is not prohibited by the rules of the road
Turn off the ignition, move the gear lever to the "P" position or leave the car at speed with the manual gearbox, close the windows, turn off the car's lighting and raise the handbrake
Leave the car, close the door and press the "End rental" button, the car closes.
Find the nearest gas station
Contact the operator and use the fuel card (the PIN code will be called by the operator) or refuel the car for spending your money after the operator`s permission
Take a photo of the refueling bill behind the car panel and send it to us.
Get bonuses to your account
Do not leave the place of accident
Call the customer service
Wait for the police patrol arriving and fill the documents with police
Give the documents about accident to our staff
You’ve seen damages during receiving the car. Is the car dirty or has another damages?
Contact with Customer service and tell about all defects
Choose another car on the map or use the advises given by the Customer support
Park car at the allowed place
Turn off the engine, go out and close the door of the car. Put the car to the waiting (pause) mode

How to use in pictures you can see on the link: How it works