Rent your car, make money with us, create a carsharing

Earn money with us, create your own carsharing start the business

We offer you one of the ways of cooperation:

  1. Starting up your own carsharing
    • we will give you software
    • teach the staff
    • tell you about our practice secrets
    • install and help you with the equipment
    • start up the service in 60-90 days
  2. The work under our brand in your region (franchise)
    • Except for the program and the application you will get more pluses
    • Our insurance
    • Our advertisement to help you
    • The power of our brand
    • The experience
    • The general support service
    • Permanent help for free, without any abonements
    • Starting up in 7-14 days
  3. Your car functions in our service
    • Passive income without you taking part in this
    • Your car registered on you
    • Monthly payments
    • Online control of your car functioning
    • Support and the staff 24/7 who cares for your car

Choose, start with us! We have software and everything you need for carsharing