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1000 and 1 innovation in the new application GetManCar New

We have released a new application, it is already available in the App Stor and Google Play, cars and full functionality will be launched from 31.01.2019. Please download it today for using.

Link to the article how to download and why

What's new in the app?

1. New sticker

GetManCar New has a white background for the application icon - to distinguish it from the old one

2. New in-app widget

Newly done:

  • Menu
  • Appearance
  • Tarrifs names

3. Better and more detailed ride details.

Now you will see even better ride details, cancellations and other information regarding your expenses and car usage.

4. Insurance options

Two tariff groups available:

  • With a franchise (liability) of 20 000 UAH. - tariffs are cheaper
  • With a franchise (liability) 0 UAH. - tariffs are more expensive.

In addition, we offer you new liability formats. The cost of carsharing fees will remain as with a liability of 20,000 UAH, and the liability will be reduced. Also the subscription fee will be charged.

Now will be available:

  • With a franchise of 20 000 UAH. - standard tariffs (as it was before), no monthly fee
  • With a franchise of 0 UAH. - tariffs are higher (as it was before), no monthly fee
  • Tariffs with a franchise of 10 000 UAH. - standard tariffs, monthly fee 300 UAH / month
  • Tariffs with a franchise of 5 000 UAH. - standard tariffs, mounthly fee 500 UAH / month
  • Tariffs with a franchise of 0 UAH. - standard tariffs, mounthly fee 700 UAH / month

5. Created function "Radar"

If there is no car available near you, but you really want to go on GetManCar, turn on the radar function and set its radius. As soon as a free car appears, you will be notified or the car will be booked automatically.

In the settings you choose what to do after finding a free car:

  1. Notify you
  2. Immediately book a car

6. Created function "Transfer"

If you are in the zone of using the car, but not in the zone of completion of carsharing, while you would like to leave the car here, and not go to the zone, consider this place safe, popular and excellent to start the rent, use the "transfer" function.

How to use this function?

As soon as you left the completion zone, the “End Carsharing” button changed to the “Transfer” button - stop the car, stop the engine, lift up the handbrake (all like completion or “Waiting”), leave the car and press “transfer” - the car will close.

What happened:

  • You only see a car that is set to “transfer” mode until someone takes it.
  • All other users see this car as available and can rent it.
  • You can put the car on "transfer" in any place of use, even near the entrance, with the exception of closed areas and paid parking.
  • During the period while the car is on the “transfer”mode, you are charged UAH 0.30 / minute, which is 3 times cheaper than the “waiting” mode, the more popular the place where you left the car, the faster it will be taken.

7. Added push notifications

Now, many notifications will be sent using Push, and not via messages. Soon will be available function of messages information. If Push not suits to you, you can switch off it, but then you cannot use certain functions: radar and others, for which notification is very important.

8. Photo function

If you do not want to take a photo of a car before starting carsharing or on completion. Just turn off this mode, then the photo will be available only if you indicate that the car is in the bad condition. Please note that in case of switching off the photo and not making them, you will have full responsibility for the car, also you will need to prove your innocence.

9. The function of "warming up the car"

This mode will be available during the cold season. This mode works as an option, its activation, gives you extra time to clean and warm up the car. By activating the "warm-up", you can start the engine in the car and clear it of snow. Money will not be withdrawn when the car is in the “warm-up” mode, unless you start using the car without completing the warm-up.

10. Function "vibration effect", "vibration"

Now your phone can vibrate, when you activate any function or making any action. We have added some tactile sensations for you. If you don`t need it, you can switch off.

11. New kind of tariffs

Now tariffs are presented a little differently.

  • You choose a tariff immediately, at the time of booking, and not after (previously booked, and then chose a tariff)
  • In the tariff you can see two lines - the cost per time and per km, also on the "?" button you can see an additional description of the tariff

12. Photo

Now you can send almost all photos for all functions through the application. We compressed the photos, increased the speed of adding photos to the server. In addition, any photo falls on your phone, so you clearly know what photo you uploaded to the application. At the same time, the photo that you have on your phone does not lose quality.

13. Added time for car inspection

Now you can inspect the car, set up the mirrors, check the documents in the car and all this during the period of the free car inspection. If the time of the free inspection is over and you have not started the rent, money will be charged, as in the “waiting”, “parking” mode.

14. Car condition inspection

While you inspecting a car, if something is wrong, you can put a dizlike and click on the most appropriate icon to add photos - at least 3 photos. If you "liked", that is, everything is "ok", then the photo must be taken if you have the photo function activated.

The description can also be added, exactly what is wrong.

15. Refueling

In the refueling section we have a lot of innovations:

  • Pin you see immediately in the app
  • You see what type of fuel to fill: gasoline, gas, diesel
  • The refill icon has become interactive and shows the fuel level as well.
  • To send a photo about refueling, you need to do through the mode “refueling”
  • In the “refueling” mode, there was a function of transferring cars to “waiting, parking” mode to save your money, if you didn’t understand how to do this before, now it’s all in one place.

16. Click on the car's location

Expands the card with the address of the car, the type of fuel, license plate of car. All tariffs can be viewed by swipe.

17. Car control buttons changed

Now the completion button is at the top, the buttons: open, the way to the car and flash below. The completion button is presented in the form of a sign. The same, the "transfer" button.

18. New calculation system, estimate

Dear friends, now the system will automatically check that you have enough funds on the card before the trip. If you do not have the funds - you will not be allowed to ride. The fact is that there are a number of users who always try to leave us a small debt of 4 UAH. - 75 UAH for later. «Later», comes on different days, someone immediately, someone in a month. If you are in this category, now it will not work.

Moreover, we turn to the rating system; the higher your rating, the more you will receive, for example:

  • More expensive cars without deposit
  • Rides outside the using zone - countrywide, soon
  • Without checking the card, etc.

The lower your rating, the less pleasant:

  • Higher standards for verifying your solvency
  • Prohibition of additional services and privileges

Please do not spoil your rating, we will reset all your past sins, except for those users who acted badly with service.

This will not affect good users. But those who are looking for tricks will be more difficult.

19. Age limitation and driving experience

Thanks to the rating system, we lower the experience and age level, now for all it is 21 years and 2 years of experience, without deposit. Then is you didn`t have an account because of deposit, you didn’t delete your personal data and we don’t have any other restrictions on your account, you can start using.

Globally, there are still a lot of small things, but if we will write about them, the day is not enough. Just because they are 1000 and 1, so we will learn it together)))

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