Actions in case of a traffic accident

If you became a participant in an accident while driving our car, this article will help you to understand what to do in such situation and how to proceed correctly.


If an accident occurred

1. Do not leave the scene under any circumstances.

2. Call the patrol police. The phone number is 102 and inform GetmanCar Support Service about the accident. We begin to advise you and help you immediately.

3. Record or report to the GetmanCar Support Service the data of the other participants of the accident: the model of the car ant it’s plate number, the full name and telephone number of the second participant.

4. Wait for the police, fill all documents about the accident. Attention! You can not use a europrotocol to fix the accident – the insurance refuse to pay in case of europrotocol. In order to use CDW and TPL, please ask the police to arrange the incident properly. They will not deny you.

5. Pass documents to our representative, including the policy and certificate of registration for the car or leave them in the glove box according to the Support Service instructions.

6. Complete the lease or ask the Support Team to help you complete the car sharing so you do not incur additional costs.


What do you lose in an accident?

If an accident occurs through your fault, you will be required to compensate us for the amount of the franchise (deductible) for the car (the amount that is not paid by the insurance). The amount of the franchise (deductible) depends on the selected tariff. In basic tariffs, it is 20,000 (twenty thousand) UAH. You can also choose a tariff with a smaller franchise (deductible) amount or with a franchise (deductible) equal to 0, such tariffs are usually marked as a tariff with the sign "+" or a tariff with the sign "0".


If the accident happened not through your fault, you also have to pay the franchise (deductible) amount, but in this case the insurance company TPL, or the TPL of the culprit will refund your franchise (deductible) amount to us or you within 2-3 months. If the refund is paid to us, we will refund your money to the card either in cash. In case of refusal to pay or not to confirm the presence of guilt from another participant in accordance with the court decision on the administrative case (it is considered for no more than 2 months), the amount of the franchise (deductible) will be withheld from you and will not be compensated by insurance.


If the second participant in an accident has no TPL policy, we still be able to get the franchise (deductible) compensation. We will help you to issue documents to pay you the amount of the franchise (deductible) through MTIBU in this case.


When committing an accident, we will also withhold from you:

1. The cost of administering the case of an accident - 300 (three hundred) UAH.

2. Expenses for the evacuation of the car or finding it on the penalty area.

3. Fines and other expenses that were brought against you as a result of an accident and are not reimbursed by the insurance company.


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