All to the Collective Farm (KOLGOSP) or Kiev Centralization

Action, take the car from a Kolgosp zone and move it to the Central zone, get 20% cashback (money return) for your trip.


How to use: find any car parked in the KOLGOSP zones, start carsharing in any tariff and after leave the car in the center of Kiev, in the zones below.

Before the start of the carsharing:

  1. Make a photo of the car  in KOLGOSP zone
  2. Take a picture of the application with the map, from your smartphone
  3. Start the movement.



  1. Park the car in the CENTER zones indicated in the conditions of this promotion
  2. Take a picture of the car in the parked place
  3. Take a screenshot from the application screen about the end of the card.
  4. Send 4 photos to mail indicating the topic of KOLGOSP


Our moderators will consider the application and put bonuses to your account - 20% amount of your trip, but not more than 100 (one hundred) hryvnia. Moderators do this during 48 hours.


Places where you must complete the carsharing, CENTER zones:

  1. Railway station, Central or Southern
  2. Contractove square
  3. The Lvivska square
  4. TC Guliver
  5. Olympiskiy
  6. Shevchenko Boulevard - between the streets of Pushkinskaya and Khreshchatyk
  7. The area of ​​the Pecherskaya undergroun station
  8. The Palace of Ukraine


Places where you can pick up a car, for calculating bonuses for this promotion, KOLGOSP zones:

  1. Troyeshchina - all zones
  2. Bogatyrskaya and Lugova streets
  3. The Minsk Massif zone, Vitriani gori
  4. Surets
  5. Lukyanovka, all the zones, except the zone of the metro station Lukyanovka
  6. Underground stations Zhitomirskaya, Svyatoshin
  7. Nivki zone
  8. Vaclav Havela street
  9. The area of ​​Karavaevy dacha



Features of charging bonuses:

  1. Carsharing should be completed within one session of using the car. You can rent a car according to any tariff, put the car in the "Waiting" mode, travel in any direction, but "Complete" of the carssharing should be done in the specified zones. A trip is considered from the moment of "beginning" to the moment of "complete". The repeated "beginning" and "complete" of the carsharing cannot be considered as one trip.
  2. To receive bonuses, you cannot start the carsharing in any of the above-mentioned central zones within 24 hours from the completion of this trip. If you start the movement, bonuses will not be added.
  3. You cannot get bonuses if your previous trip was to the same area of ​​the KOLGOSP zone (for example, came to Troyeschyna and left, but on another car again from Troyeshchyna) on any of our cars.
  4. The car is parked in accordance with the traffic rules, it has not been evacuated and it has not been fined, there is no call from the police with the demand to go away by the car under the threat of a fine.


Example of charging bonuses:

  1. You took a car in Troyeschina, Hourly tariff, paid for a subscription and for every km on the way, used for your cases, for example you go to Irpen, around the city, the most important thing is to make "Completion" of the carsharing and fulfill the conditions specified above, you will be credited with 20 % of the total amount of your trip including the amount of the subscription.
  2. You took a car in the area of ​​Karavaevy dacha, at a per-minute tariff, just go to the center, also at the beginning and end of the carsharing for the above conditions and sending the photo, we will return 20% of the trip amount, but not more than 100 UAH.


Bonuses are awarded to anyone who travels once from the KOLGOSP  zones to the CENTER zone and completes the carsharing in the above-mentioned central zones, not going to another carsharing car from the central zone and before that did not finish the carsharing in this or the nearest zone of the KOLGOSP.


What is "this zone" or "the nearest zone":

  1. You have completed the carsharing in another area, but also on Troyeschina (store Area and store ATB elsewhere in Troyeschina), then the CENTER will not work.
  2. You have completed the car sharing in the zone of KOLGOSP, but on Syrets, and now you have taken a car in Troyeschina for a trip to the Center - the discount will work.


"KOLGOSP" zones are understood as zones on the cards below.

*The promotion is valid till 26 of april 2018.

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