Archaeologists are back! Share the warmth!

Attention to archaeologists, prospectors, as well as all who want to share their warmth with Getman !!!

If the Getman on which you want to go covered with snow, you can use this car and still clear it.


So, if the car is covered with snow, or the glass of the car is in such a condition that you cannot drive (covered with ice, frost, etc.) you can clean the car and / or heat it before the trip. We will share our warmth with you for your warmth.


How to use:

  1. Take a photo of a car before the start of a short-term car rental in the snow, so that the number and position of the car can be seen - any buildings, objects around (so that we can understand that this photo is from the clearing site).
  2. Clearing and / or heating cars.
  3. Take a photo of a clean or heated car.
  4. Send a photo to the messenger (telegram, viber, WhatsApp) or email with the text: cleared the car, the date and time of clearing (we are interested in exactly the trip, you can make several trips per day)


What we will charge:

  1. We compensate (to the bonus account) the cost of the time of use / waiting, according to the used tariff for the period of idle car until the moment of the beginning of the movement 1 to 1, but not more than 15 minutes.
  2. We charge bonuses.

Bonuses are accrued within 24 hours from the moment of sending the photo. If you have not been assessed, please report.


How many bonuses will I get in addition:

  1. clearing a car with a brush or scraper +30 bonuses per karma;
  2. clearing without a brush (someone has already picked up a gift or flashed a brush) + 35 bonuses;
  3. creative clearing + 50 bonuses


Creative Clearing:

  1. necessarily duplicated (photo, video ....) you, on your page in social. network with the hashtag # ArhelogistsAU and #GetManCar
  2. Links or photos - sent to us by email (
  3. Creative clearing: clearing with the execution of drawings, dances, story anecdotes, songs ... .. and the like.


Special conditions:

  1. The presence or absence of creativity and other reasons are determined by the Moderation Service Getmancar, any video or links cannot be recognized in advance as creative or appropriate.
  2. Moderation Getmancar, reserves the right not to recognize a video or material to meet the requirements of creativity or for which an increased bonus can be credited. At the same time, the reasons for non-recognition are not disclosed, but a separate opinion of the Moderation Service. In this case, the bonus will be applied in the standard mode (30 UAH.) On condition that the actual clearing and heating is performed.
  3. Bonuses are accrued only in case of using per-minute tariffs, are not charged on subscriptions. When using a subscription, only time compensation is made at the subscription rate.
  4. Bonuses are not credited if the photo, video cannot understand the number of the car, the place of clearing, etc., which does not allow to identify the actual clearing of this particular car and in this period of time, in this place.
  5. Moderation service Getmancar can increase the size of bonuses at its discretion, given the difficulty of clearing, help, etc. ..., but this is not a duty, but only free will.
  6. Bonuses can be canceled if the car has been cleared in such a way that the next user asks for bonuses for clearing the car, while no weather changes have occurred.
  7. Bonuses are awarded only in the case of an active trip, if the trip did not take place not because of our reasons, but was simply cleared - bonuses will not be credited. The trip must be at least the amount of compensation + accrued bonuses.


If you are just a volunteer, and you want to clear the car for bonuses without traveling - contact the support, we will open such personal access for you.

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