Archaeologists, hey!

We pay bonuses for excavations !!!

Came, and the car is covered with snow, what to do, it takes time to excavate the vehicle, warming up and ...., no problem, we will compensate for the time of excavating the car and give you a few more bonuses for your benefit.


What should I do if the car is covered with snow?

1. Take a picture of the car in the snow

2. Start the sharing, get a snow brush and clear the car

3. Take a picture of the car without snow - cleared

4. Send us a photo with a letter template.

5. Start the movement and use the car sharing.

6. Within 24 working hours we will calculate bonuses according to your tariff plan for excavations + a small bonus.


How to take a photo

1. The photo must have a geographic position

2. There should be not only a car, but also the surrounding situation in the photo


E-mail Template

Write the text: Digger, your name, excavated excavation date and time

Attach photos before and after excavations

Send a letter to from your attached mail to your account or via your phone using viber, whats app, telegram.


Example letter


Topic: archaeologist


Text: Hello, Digger, Petrov Ivan Ivanovich, excavated the car on February 26, 2013 at 13-00

Photo before

Photo after


Who does not compensate and will not return bonuses

We will not compensate those who have debt for services. If you have a negative balance or have ever been, and it has held for more than 12 hours, as well as if the negative balance constantly arises in you when traveling, this action will not spread to you. If you had a practice of negative balance, remove this practice for 1 month and you will be able to again use the same privileges.

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