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Bonus system. All about accruing, spending and using bonuses in Getmancar


Getmancar has a bonus system that allows you to receive virtual money and pay with it for the service.

How are bonuses added?

Bonuses can be added by a support operator or with a promo code. To use a promo code, you need to enter the app, go to the Bonuses section and activate the promo code. The promo code can be entered only once.

Please note that promo codes may have a limited activation period and may not be valid if they have expired.

How can I view my bonuses?

Go to the Getmancar app and open the main menu on the left. At the top, two accounts are listed under your name: balance and bonuses. Under bonuses is the expiration date, after which the bonuses will be canceled (burned).

Balance is your main money, it can be added, for example, for refueling your car with your own money, refilling your account (as a top-up), refund for an unused trip. The balance has no expiration date.

Bonuses are virtual money that can be used to pay for trips, they have an expiration date.

How long are bonuses valid?

Bonuses are valid for 4 weeks, that is 28 days from the moment they are added to your account. Their actual validity period is indicated in the app near the amount of bonuses.

How can I extend the validity period of bonuses?

It is very easy to renew bonuses for another 28 days. You just need to make a trip using bonuses (of any amount) or get more bonuses on your account, for example, for refueling the car or for inviting a friend. That is, any change in the bonus account status extends the validity of bonuses for the next 28 days.

How much can I pay with bonuses?

You can pay up to 30% of the rental amount with bonuses. If your trip costs 300 UAH, you can pay 90 UAH with bonuses, and the rest from your balance or payment card. Unlike bonuses, money from the balance is deducted 1 to 1.

The changes come into effect from 03.10.2023.

What can't be paid with bonuses?

Penalty charges, payment for administrative offenses, car towing, speeding fines, parking fines and other administrative fines, the amount of debt that appeared on the account due to the inability to pay with the card, compensation for damage to vehicles, etc. cannot be paid with bonuses.

How to get bonuses?

You can get bonuses for inviting friends, refueling the car, for participation in contests, etc. Read more about how to get bonuses in a special article.

Earn more bonuses and save on trips in Getmancar!