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Getmanglobal, TOV

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Bonuses. How to ride Getmancar for free?

Travel bonuses - picture

We really want you to enjoy using our services, so we made a flexible loyalty system that allows you to do good deeds and get money for trips.

What are bonuses?

The loyalty system provides for the accrual of bonuses for your account in order to pay for trips and other services of the service.

1 bonus = 1 hryvnia.

You can pay up to 100 % of the trip with bonuses.

Bonuses for friend

Get unlimited bonuses with the Getmancar referral program.

When registering, you got an unique promotional code, which you can see in the mobile app in the "Get bonuses" section. Share the promo code with your friends, when registering; they will be able to receive 50 hryvnia for this promo code. In addition, after a friend makes the first trip, and you will receive 50 hryvnia to your bonus account. More friends — more money!

Share your promo code on social networks, share in the comments and stories; the more people use your promo code, the more you can get travel bonuses.

Bonuses for refueling

You already know that fuel is included in the price of all tariffs and our powerful front-line team fills the cars.

However, you can help us with refueling, and for a good deed and time spent, you will receive 50 bonuses.

Please note that you only need to refuel a car with a minimum fuel level (less than 20 %), and before refueling, you must contact the support service to clarify the type of fuel and other details. The fuel level you can view on the car card.

How to properly refuel a car and get bonuses, read in a special article.

Bonuses for cleaning cars from snow

In winter time, the car can be heavily covered with snow. Our team, armed with shovels and brushes, digs up a car one by one. You can also help in this fight against the elements.

If you see that the car has sunk in a snowdrift, take a picture of it before cleaning, and then after the victorious digging out. Send a photo to the support service and get 50 bonuses for a good deed.

Bonuses for returning a car to a popular zone

Carsharing has free and paid drop off zones where you can finish your trip. Paid zones are created based on user suggestions so that it is convenient for them to get home or to work, however, these zones are not popular or convenient for the majority, so they are paid.

If you drive a car that is located in a paid zone (yellow zone with a cost marker), you do not need to pay for using the zone, on the contrary, complete the ride in the popular free zone and you will receive 25 bonuses on your account. Bonuses will be deducted to pay for your trip.

Find out more in the article about paid zones.

Bonuses for brand ambassadors

We are on the lookout for our brand ambassadors who have great pleasure in using the services or are very keen on short-term rides; who share our love for cars and believe that sharing is the future. Ambassadors will test cars, share their impressions and, of course, receive bonuses for free rides.

If you are an active user of social networks, you like to do reviews, are ready to share your experience and express your expert opinion, write to us at about your desire to cooperate, we will definitely give you feedback.

Social media contests

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we often run simple contests where you can win bonuses, gifts and rental passes.

Stay with us, get unlimited bonuses and travel free!