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You have been using the Getmancar for a long time, but you want more discounts, cheaper price and more to drive. The one who seeks always finds, and the one who asks - will always receive.


From February 20th, 2018, you can buy vouchers for replenish your carsharing account.


What is a voucher

This is the replenishment of your account for any amount. Now you can replenish your virtual account for any number of bonuses. You can buy it in advance and usе for your trips not money from the card, but bonuses that withdraw from the account at first. All this is the same like replenishing of your  mobile phone, internet or fuel card.


Why to use

Use for rides. It is the same money, only put into your account and you can buy a service with a discount, because you pay in advance.


What are the advantages for me?

We have a lot of pluses:

1. You have service with a discount 20% from your tariff.

2. You can use the same tariffs and the same programs, but because you bought replenishment with a discount – you will pay less.

3. Money for services is withdraw from the bonus account and even if there is no money on your card, they are always on your bonus account.

4. Control your bonus account and replenish it in advance, use your carsharing with discount.

5. All vouchers and replenishments you can do online. You don`t need to go anywhere.


How to use it

Pay the voucher and you will get it in electronic form. Enter it in your account in the application, use the bonuses for rides.


Where to pay

Pay with our requisites, indicated in the footer in any branch of the bank. When paying, please indicate: your name, a voucher for your carsharing, your phone number.

We will see your payment by phone number and full name and send to your e-mail the electronic code of the voucher. Then you can activate it in your app.


How to get

After payment, send the invoice to our address:, within 24 hours your bonus account will be replenish for the amount of the voucher.


Voucher cost

We offer such vouchers:

1. For 1000 UAH. – price is  950 UAH.

2. For 3000 UAH. – price is 2700 UAH.

3. For 7000 UAH. – price is 6000 UAH.

4. For 10 000 UAH. – price is 8000 UAH.



1. One voucher is used for one account, it is impossible to break up the replenishment of the voucher for friends.

2. A voucher and its value can be used only in carsharing, but cannot be refunded with money.

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