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Cars after the orcs or how carsharing works during the war

Cars after orcs - photo

We would like to tell our story about carsharing in the conditions of a full-scale war in Ukraine.

You already know that from the first day of the war, we did not stop working, continued to provide sharing services, promo 24/7 and solve the collapse caused by this war. And they were enough.

What problems did we face during the war?

Connection. With the outbreak of war, panic began, people did not know what to do, where to put the cars, where to park if there is no road, how to restore the lost connection, where to look for their relatives, where to run? The phone lines of the support service began to break off from all questions, but the operators continued to help, struggling with their own and client's stress. They only thought about not losing telephone and Internet connection for remote assistance to drivers.

Almost the entire team joined the information support, which made it possible to unload the lines and provide prompt assistance to users.

Evacuation of people

From the first days of the war, the company made an important decision for itself to evacuate people by cars to safe regions. This made it possible to save more than a thousand people with their families, but the process turned out to be difficult. Carsharing has a coverage area, and during the evacuation, cars were traveling to another part of the country or even abroad, which created obstacles in the remote control of processes. How to maintain a car, who will refuel, repair it? In addition, it was necessary to create a separate tariff so that people could evacuate at minimal cost. This is how we created the evacuation tariff “Russian warship, go f*ck yourself” for 1 UAH, according to which more than 1,500 people were evacuated.

Shot car sharing car Getmancar

Lack of roads

During the evacuation of people from Kyiv, some roads were either mined, destroyed, or under fire, so operators had to constantly update logistics information to help users safely exit the war zone.

russian vandals

We saw from our own experience how insignificant the russian orcs who call themselves "military". Seeing the car, they do not know what to do with it, so they simply destroy it. Most of them seem to be unaware of carsharing. Unfortunately, some of our cars met the "russian peace".

Getmancar cars during the evacuation Getmancar car after Russian vandals Getmancar car after the arrival of the Russian world

Loss of communication with cars

During the attack on Kyiv, almost half of the cars simply lost contact, the possibilities for finding them were minimal, because the workers were involved in preparing the existing vehicles for evacuation. In addition, many areas remained dangerous, mined or under fire. The photo shows a shot car, with which communication was lost, the car was found in one of the districts of Kyiv.

Getmancar car after the Russian liberators

Our team

The team was territorially divided: someone went to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense, someone went to the West of the country or abroad, someone set up a workplace at home, and someone is calmer in the office. Instead of one big mechanism, many small cogs are now working throughout Ukraine and beyond, ensuring the continuous operation of carsharing.

Despite all the difficulties, we continue to work and provide the best service for short-term car rental, because we believe that our work helps the country in the fight for independence and peace!

Carsharing operates as usual, with the exception of curfews and limited coverage area within the security framework. The operation of the service provides users with the necessary transport, allows our employees to receive salaries, and companies to pay taxes and support the economy. Everyone works in his place and helps to bring victory closer!

In addition, we have great news: a convenient minute rental will soon appear in another country. You can learn more in the article “Getmancar carsharing goes beyond Ukraine!”.

Despite all the difficulties, we continue to move forward, fight for everything we have and believe in Ukraine's victory over the invader, because we are Ukraine!