Car sharing in Frankfurt at Main

We share our experience and talk about how it is abroad, how it works. There are different companies, but we took a local German operator, which is quite popular in Frankfurt am Main, namely: Book-n-drive


This company operates not only in one city, but according to the logic of providing the service of a car sharing, each city is a separate unit for work.


Does Kiev remind you?

Frankfurt on the Main is represented by a large area of ​​use of the car sharing, as well as a drop off zone that covers the center of the city in its entirety and there are several more small zones on the periphery of the city.



There are pluses and minuses, if to compare with the Kiev service.

  1. The price of the service is charged in combination, this is a very small price for minutes of use and is paid for each km of mileage. A bit like the subscription in GetmanCar, but here such fares are offered even in a minute format.
  2. At the beginning of each trip, a hard payment for insurance is withdrawn from the user (as indicated in the contract), this payment is 3 euros, that is, you paid 3 euros for landing in the car, and later pay for the minutes and mileage. It is payment for minor damages.



The service is presented by cars Volkswagen UP. If you want other cars, they are also available.


Open / close the car

You can open or close the car either with your smartphone or in another way. This is caused more by an older platform. So, many cars are opened only with the help of a club card, which you need to have with you and attach to the glass.


Features of the car sharing drop off 

The peculiarity and difference from the Kiev GetmanCar is that you can complete the car sharing only in this way:

  1. It is in the place where you started it +/- 500 meters. Started at point "A", return the car to the point "A".
  2. If you took a car at point "A", and want to return it at point "B" and both points in the drop off zone, you will be charged 3 euros additional payment for the return of the car not at point "A".
  3. It is possible to complete the service at any other point in the car use area, as agreed with the operator, but in this case, your account will be reduced by another 10 euros.


I still do not understand

If I take the car out of the zone, and drive it to the zone, I also get 3 euros, although I do a positive service to the company. But in this case, the company will compensate 3 euros only on a call to the operator, which is not entirely convenient. Do not call the operator - you will not get 3 euros back.


Tariffs and tariff plans

There are various tariffs, which can happen both without a monthly fee and with it. Those that have a constant subscription fee have cheaper rates.


Why do I use car sharing in Germany

  1. For me it is primarily convenient if you need a car for trips
  2. I broke the car and 2 months I was looking for a car at a good price, while I was riding a car sharing.
  3. It turns out to me even cheaper than my own car, because parking is included in the price and I do not pay for it.


Thank you for your attention, good trips.

Prepared, according to information and real experience of permanent use, our friend Max Shtark.

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