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Car sharing with 0 responsibility in case of accident

We often wonder what will happen if I take a car for rent, use a car sharing and get into an accident. I do not get, so someone will hit me and then what can I do with problems.

It is also written that there is a deductible ammount for an accident and other cases and it is still huge, as much .... UAH


Everything is very simple.


Choose tariffs with 0 deductible!


What is a deductible?

  1. Do not lose money during an accident or damage
  2. Just call the support service and wait for the police patrol, arrange all the documents and hand over the car to the employees of GetmanCar.



0 deductible will not work and the liability will be equal to 100% if:

  1. Do not report an accident and damage to the company and the police
  2. Use the car in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication or under the influence of medications that reduce the reaction.
  3. Deliberately cause damage - for example, especially to scratch the car or to make an accident.
  4. Roughly violate the rules of the road, including a chase with the police and ...


How to use it?

Simply inform the operator by e-mail that you want 0 deductible and you will be switched within 24 hours to a new tariff.



The prices are slightly more expensive than in tariffs with a deductible, but a risk of 0.


Choose yourself.


Safe car sharing and using a car with GetmanCar!

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