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Getmancar is a comfortable way of moving. As less problems and troubles as possible. Just for this reason we exist. The best way to do everything right is to know the rules, instructions and follow them We publish the hacks especially for you to make the use of our service much more pleasurable.

In this article we will touch upon the fact how to take photos before / after the car rental in the right way so that we will have no claims to you.

The use of Getmancar carsharing

You are given five free minutes before the start of the trip in order to examine a car, take photos and check documents. You need to spend the time wisely. This does not mean that you need to look at the car, decide that everything is OK and start the car rental.

Examine Getmancar car carefully. Take photos, at least 4, there are bellow mentioned recommendations how to do it. Even if you have not noticed any damages on a car, take photos, this is a real alibi and the leave of a human factor. It is not obligatory , nobody makes you take photos – do it, as you wish to help you and us.

The photos that you take before / after the car rental will prove that at the time of your use of carsharing service, there were no additional car damages. Photos are your alibi. That is why make your decision to take photos, or not to take.

You cannot skip the photo stage, we will for sure remind you that you`d better take photos. We will again ask you and remind that refusing from taking photos you will take the full responsibility.

How to take photos in the right way

First of all, this must be large-scale photos. In the way as the professionals take photos of the cars – there must be two sides on one photo.

There must be a registration number plate on every photo.

You`d better take 4 photos

  • The front of a car and the right side
  • The front of a car and left side
  • The back and the left side
  • The back and the right side

You may take as many photos as you wish, you can take a photo of any scratch, as you consider the best if this makes you feel calm and protected.

The photos in the large-scale as an addition to the 4 photos.

All the photos you take in our application will automatically download on our server and save on your smartphone. You always know which photos you put on our server.