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Getmancar has made possible a classic car rental in Kyiv and Dnipro

Freedom of choice – this is what gives carsharing and what Getmancar service users appreciate so much. With per-minute rentals, you can choose your car, routes, rental time down to the minute, and even the music in the car. And now you can choose how to rent: carsharing for the city or a classic hire for out-of-town trips. With the new rental service, you can go outside the city, to another region, and even in two. Even more opportunities in the familiar cars and with your favorite service.

Who can rent a car in Classic hire?

The service is available not only to Getmancar users, but also to any other Ukrainian citizen or foreign visitor who is 21 years old and has 2 years of driving experience.

How does classic renting differ from carsharing?

There are several key differences, below we will consider the features of the new rental service:

  • The ability to travel throughout Ukraine (except for unsafe regions).
  • Possibility to book a car for specific date and time.
  • Daily rent. No hourly or minutely subscriptions. Also there is no "half a day" tariff.
  • The cost of service per day may decrease depending on the number of days of rental. Minimal price is for 30 days and more.
  • The pick-up and return of the car is performed in the office in one of the cities where the service operates.
  • Also in the office you will need to sign the contract.
  • Fuel is not included in the cost of rent.

As you can see, each type of rental is suitable for different trips, so now you can choose what will be more profitable and convenient in your case.

What kind of cars are available to rent?

The choice of cars for the new service is quite wide. You can choose for yourself already beloved models that you have tried out in carsharing, or rent some new, which is not available in the per-minute rentals. Almost all cars are with automatic transmission, but there are also with the manual transmission. If the gearbox is principal for you, specify it to the manager before selecting a car. Each city may have its own brand of cars, you can look available cars in Kyiv by following this link, cars for rent in Dnipro can be found on this page. Do not get upset if you did not find the needed car in the list, it may not have time to put it on the site, so ask your manager about availability of a particular car.

In the budget segment Skoda Fabia, Renault Logan, Ravon R2 are available for rent.

For more comfort you can take a Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Jetta, Hyundai Elantra, etc. There are also carsharing-favorite SUVs, such as the Ford Escape or Volkswagen Tiguan, for example.

Hyundai Sonata - image

Can I go out of the city?

Yes, and not only out of the city. With a classic rental, trips are available all over the safe territory of Ukraine. "And what are the unsafe ones?" - you ask. You can learn about them when signing the contract. Generally speaking, the opportunity to travel throughout the country is the greatest advantage of a classic rental. So you can go on vacation, on a business trip, to your relatives in another area without being limited to the coverage area, as in carsharing. There is no need to warn about going to another city or region.

How to fill up the car?

As we have learned, in contrast to the carsharing, the car in the classics need to fill up himself, the petrol is not included. But how do you know what kind of fuel to use and how much? It's quite simple: when signing the agreement, the manager will tell you the average consumption of the car at city and highway, and also tell you what kind of fuel is used on this particular car. According to the consumption, it will be possible to calculate approximately how much fuel you will need during the trip.

Note that the contract will specify how much fuel the car is issued with. With the same amount it should be returned at the end of rental.

How to book a classic car rental?

  1. Visit Kyiv and Dnipro pages with cars offered for rent and choose the one which suits you best.
  2. Apply for the rent a car right on the website and the manager will call you back for consultation or reservation.
  3. You can also call (+38) 097-444-5-222, or ask for a car rental via Telegram-chat.

The advantage of the traditional rent is that you can reserve the car for a specific date and time. Then you need to come to the office to sign the contract and get the car. The car is also returned to the office, but you can use the car return service in another city or at an address.

If you are planning a city trip or a weekend getaway, a classic car rental from Getmancar is the perfect solution, because a trusted company and reliable cars are already a guarantee of a good trip.