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Responsibility for the car damage

Here we are telling of the user of responsibility in Getmancar carsharing and how to make the responsibility smaller.

Public Offer Contract Conditions:

20.2.1 In case of causing damage to carsharing (rented) Car in the road traffic accident, and the Lessee is guilty or he / she and the second party(ies) of the road traffic movement and / or nobody is guilty and the Lessee has filled in the documents at the police improperly, insurance company or other competent bodies, the Lessee pays the Lessor the sum of deductible but no less than 20 000 (twenty thousand) hryvnias 00 kopiykas, if other is not provided by the tariff conditions, making less the responsibility and / or causing additional expenses to the Lessor.


At any damage of the car in the period of using the service and not having an additional cover, the responsibility is 20 000 (twenty thousand) hryvnias. Except for the cases if there is another guilty person (car) in a case of an accident, the accident is fixed and another body is found guilty.

You will bear the responsibility if you, as a user:

  1. Are guilty in the accident
  2. The guilty person has not been found
  3. The guilty one has left a place of an accident

Full cover

In order not to lose money in case of road traffic accident – just choose in the application settings zero or lower responsibility. In this case, just register the case in the police, tell about it to the Support service, pay the lower deductible or nothing according to the settings you have chosen.

How can I make the deductible (responsibility) less? How much does it cost?

In the application settings, in the responsibility section choose an amount of insurance and damage compensation:

  1. Responsibility 20 000 hryvnias – monthly fee is 0 hryvnias – there is no monthly fee
  2. Responsibility 10 000 hryvnias – monthly fee is 300 hryvnias
  3. Responsibility 5 000 hryvnias – monthly fee is 500 hryvnias
  4. Responsibility 0 hryvnias – monthly fee is 700 hryvnias

Monthly fee is written off every 25th.

Why does this deductible in the amount of 20 000 hryvnias exist?

Deductible is a limit of #Getmancar appealing to the insurance company. Unfortunately, the insurance company does not like when we appeal to them for a lot of cases. The oftener we do this the more expensive tariff we get.

The insurance company can serve any our risk but making the cost of the cover bigger.

We offer you to choose by yourself an amount of responsibility and a sum of deductible that limits it by paying a small sum as a monthly fee.

Why do you demand to pay for the damages if I have chosen a variant without deductible

Choosing responsibility with zero deductible does not let you to use the service with violations of the service and road traffic rules, you must not:

  • Not apply to the police and us about an insurance case.
  • To drive a car under the influence of drugs, alcohol, the drugs that low reaction.
  • Other standard conditions of an insurance company.

Comparison to your own car

You also pay for fully comprehensive insurance for your own car (or not pay). At the same time you use or the higher tariff and all-inclusive, or the lower tariff with a certain deductible. You understand that you have a road traffic accident not daily but if this happens you`d better, maybe, pay an amount of deductible than a higher tariff.

In carsharing everything is the same, we allow you to choose by yourself an amount of responsibility.

An example for carsharing

If you often use carsharing service and you are confident in yourself maybe the better variant is to choose a deductible in 20 000 hryvnias, that means that you will pay just in case of an accident. If you are not confident in yourself and other road traffic participants, choose the lower responsibility or the full insurance cover.

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