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We summed up the results for almost 6 months of distribution of our promotional codes by users. Those who mainly have the activity of spreading their promotional codes have from 20 guests. What in the long term they brought up to 1000 bonuses. (50 bonuses for each user who has made a trip).


The most inactive invited 0 people. Naturally did not receive anything, use the service for their money.


The coolest by invitation

Naturally, we have three leaders on invitations, there are such users who have invited a considerable number of people, for them, 100 guests are just a norm. Naturally, these users constantly have their balance in positive territory and use GetManCar at the expense of others, that is their friends and bonuses that we charge.


Where do they take fire

Naturally, you are tormented by the question of why you also share your promo code, invite friends, but there is no result.

We made an analysis of the top 5 of our users who invited the largest number of people and want to share with you the sources of their success, because for us your success = our success.


Results of TOP 5

  1. Oleg K., invited 122 people, used the service 96, bonuses accrued 4800 UAH.
  2. Vladimir B., invited 108 people, used the service 102, bonuses accrued 5100 UAH.
  3. Alexey B., 83 people invited, used the service 52, bonuses accrued 2600 UAH.
  4. Sergei N., 79 people invited, used the service 67, bonuses accrued 3350 UAH.
  5. Elena S., 52 people invited, used the service 26, the bonuses were charged 1300 UAH.


Sources of TOP 5

Everyone came to their result through their source, some users did not share their secrets with us, but we still know about them, therefore we will describe you all the sources, without binding to each user, so as not to offend them.

  1. The first place was taken by a man who posted his promo code not somewhere on the paid platforms, bulletin boards, and under negative articles about car sharing - what to hide, there are reviews of some journalists who took offense at us, and described the car sharing as a thing not having prospects in Ukraine. The conclusion is simple - the negative is good for readers, that's when they wrote that the car sharing is not about Ukraine and it will not work, some users among all the reviews that said "definitely will not go" cast their promotional codes and they gave a big fruit.
  2. Instagram is the second main source, which gave our users a big plus in the promo code. Under thematic photos with hashtags placed their codes, some made videos that reached more than 100,000 views, overtaking any editions.
  3. Facebook - publications and review of their trips, where they indicated what they liked or not, plus added their codes. But most of all, the addition of their codes to thematic correspondence about cars worked.
  4. Users that shared promo code in the App Store and on Google Play - just put your code in the review and described that everyone will receive 50 UAH each, who registered, worked.
  5. Friends who just sent the promo code


Where to get the promo code

If you use our service, but still do not know to take the promotional code, here are some pictures where you can see it.

  1. In the menu
  2. At the end of the car sharing
  3. In e-mail send to you



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