Drop off zones: principles, what and why?

This publication is especially for those who ask when there will be a zone near my house or why there is no zone near the business center. There are certainly very well-bred users, they write us much nicer: "Come on .........., Until the zone is added ..........", "At ......... .. service is needed if I need to walk 700 meters to the car" ..................


We write a publication especially for all. Publication will help both ordinary users and very well-mannered, if they read till the end. We will not dilute the speech with elegant epithets and try to describe everything very simply.


Let’s go……………………


Any car sharing, wherever it is: New York, Frankfurt, Moscow, Zimbabwe ..., is built on one simple principle: cars must be accessible and must move constantly.

Constant motion is:

  1. Yield and relevance
  2. The availability of the car to many users nearby. They drive from this point, so it is convenient.


Principles of building and opening zones:

  1. The zone should be popular, not only as a zone where it is convenient for you to complete a trip, the beginning of the car sharing should be popular in this zone. It is always convenient for you to complete the car sharing near your entrance, but it is not convenient for other people to start there. You can argue. But then why you don`t take the cars parked exactly 100 meters away, in the yard? Because you do not want to look for it and it's normal!
  2. The zone should be easy and be in the nearest accessibility of people - approximately on this principle new quarters are constructed and the apartments are appreciated: proximity to the metro station, public transport stops and ... ..
  3. The zone is first and foremost a convenient place to start the car sharing, and then a place to drop off.
  4. The area must be filled with cars and cars must be accessible.


Why there are zones in the center, but there is no zone on the Vinogradar or ....

The car immediately shares in the center, there are no one want to use the car ar Vinogradar. It is convenient for you to complete the car sharing there, but you do not want to start from there.


Most recently, we communicated with one of our users, with a proposal to create a zone in the ring road area. We analyzed his trips and asked why he makes all his trips from the center to this zone, but never goes back?

Answer: It is convenient for me to go from the center, but back - no, traffic jams and ... .. Is it possible to make the tariff there more expensive than there is, and the rate from ring place slightly cheaper ???

Conclusion: the zone, about which the user writes, is not profitable. We offered him a 30% discount (cash back) from the fare for the road back and do not raise the price there. But, the zone is still not popular with him.


What a service, if it is not convenient for me to use it

Naturally, one of the main indicators of service is convenience. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to move the metro station closer to your home, but you can always transfer a bus stop or car sharing. The only difference is that the zone where you live, should be popular. The popularity of it always arises and will be good in this area if there live a significant number of people who are convenient to go from the same place that you leave the car. If it is convenient for many, it is not convenient for you, because there is a shortage of cars, a traffic jam, inconvenience of parking. That's why real estate, apartments .... cost more in the center of the city, although it is environmentally dirty, hard to park and many others, but everyone there aspire.


About new zones

We will gradually open up new zones. Nearby 80% of our operating zones are unprofitable and in reality we can limit ourselves to only 2-10 small areas that yield results. But we understand that it is impossible to stand still, it is necessary:

  1. Saturate the car fleet in order to have more cars and in your area
  2. Expand the zones to make new ones appear.


How will you find out about the new zone, if you are not there?

We are very active in exploring the movement, in addition, we always look at the possibility of saturation zone. Even now we do not have enough cars for those zones that already exist. Many thanks to you, you have become much more active and you have become much more recently.

If you think so, then this is wrong:

  1. They are the only ones and they do not care about us - it's nothing like that, we try with tariffs, zones without having any preferences from local authorities or the state (and it's necessary to say that this is a business about preferences), we are building a service for you.
  2. They have what they have and no more - it's not true. Every day something is written, done and improved. We hope that in the next six months we will gladden you with big updates and buns.


Do not take the nonsense, I used the car sharing in Europe, where everything can be done everywhere and throwing cars, that for .......

Yes, there are our big fans who are already writing. Every day we study the experience of other countries and cities. You have already read something on our website, which we will please you with a more interesting publication about the car sharing in Frankfurt. By the way, Germany is the leader of the European market in terms of service penetration. After reading the article, and this is the real experience of our follower, you will understand that somewhere in distant Europe there is a stone age of car sharing.


Thank you for understanding. If you have questions, comments, your experience in other countries, write, we are always glad to publish.

Letters: info@getmancar.com.ua

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