Earn with us

If you are the representative of any edition, the internet platform, just an active person who wants to help us and raise your financial state, then be the part of us and EARN with us.


What do we offer:

1.       Payment of real (not bonuses) money for each client involved, which was registered in our service and became an active user.

2.       Sale of vouchers, for our services (as a gift certificate), where you receive your own income - a replenishment of the subscription account


With whom we cooperate:

1.       Any Internet pages and websites that have traffic - we do not have a strict requirement for traffic or sites, the most important thing is that they shouldn`t have topics, forbidden by low.

2.       Hotels, transport hubs, travel agencies and any companies that communicate or engage in tourism, transportation and ...

3.       Taxi services - there is always an alternative for your clients, and you expand the range of your activity

4.       Business and enterprising people who want to make money.


Paying money for the attracted user of the carsharing

How does cooperation work:

We assign you a unique code that the user uses for your recommendation or advertisement. As soon as the user makes a paid trip, we charge you money. Once a month we transfer money to your account.


Why will the user be interested in registering or using on your recommendation?

1. The user will receive bonuses from us, of course thanks to you

2. You will tell him about all the benefits of the service in addition


Sale of vouchers

A voucher is a replenishment of an account when a client pays for ride with virtual bonuses.


How does cooperation

We issue any number of electronic vouchers, each has a unique number. You can use them both electronically and in print.

Each voucher has a denomination, for example 1000 UAH. That is, when the client replenishes his account, he will have 1000 UAH.

At the same time, the cost of the voucher is much lower.

Your benefit is the difference in price.


Why will a customer buy a voucher?

Because, he will spend much less, because for 1000 bonus hryvnia, she will pay less than 1000 UAH. real. And we will give  him services for 1000 UAH.


Ready to start now? Write us: info@getmancar.com.ua, in the subject of the letter indicate: earn with you!

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