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Complete set of a carsharing car

Car equipment - photo

In this article, we will tell you how the service cars are equipped and what additional equipment inside.

Don't worry, each car is equipped according to the Traffic Rules of Ukraine and has all the necessary components to drive.

Not in a taxi, not in a car rental. But there is a car sharing.

1. Ignition key in the lock. This key is built into the car, so do not try to pull it out as it could cause serious damage. Given that the ride is managed via a smartphone, there is no need to remove the key, so please do not try to do this.

2. The car registration certificate is located in the glove compartment.

3. CDW policy for the car is located in the glove compartment. Some cars have an electronic policy without a paper copy. To check the e-policy, you can contact the Support Service.

4. The fuel card (s) are also located in the car's glove compartment. You already know that fuel is free in all tariffs, so a card is needed to refuel a car in case of a critical fuel indicator. To activate the card, you need to get the PIN from the operator of the Support Service during refueling. More information about refueling a carsharing car and pleasant bonuses can be found in the article. There is no fuel on the card until you refuel the car, so please do not try to take it with you.

5. Holder for your mobile phone. All cars are systematically equipped with branded phone holders in order to conveniently track the ride and view the route map. Please do not take the holder with you, because the next user will no longer be able to comfortably place their smartphone. And we would like every driver to feel as comfortable as possible while traveling in carsharing. If you really liked the accessory, write to us, and we will send you a new holder by the delivery service.

6. Various pleasant things. Follow our news on social networks, you can often find nice gifts in your car that you can take with you. For example, in the summer, comfortable branded glasses can wait for you in the car, and during a pandemic you can find our branded protective mask for yourself. In addition, look for sweets for the holidays and cute predictions for every day.

What can't you find in car sharing?

1. Spare wheel.

2. Jack and wheel wrench.

3. Alarm key fob or keys to open / close the car.

We provide full technical support, so if a tire is damaged, a team of front-line managers will be on site to replace it. If you puncture a tire while traveling, park the car and inform Customer Service of the situation. If a wheel is cut or torn and cannot be repaired, the driver will be charged the cost of two similar wheels due to the fact that only tires with the same tread are used on the same axle.

If you have any questions, write to us at or call +38 (097) 444-5-222.