Equipment of our cars

Dear users of car sharing service, below we provide information about base and additional equipment of the car.


Each car is manned according to the Rules of the road traffic of Ukraine and has all the necessary components for hire.


It's not in the taxi, not in the car rental. What will you find in the car additionally?

1. The ignition key in the lock - this key can not be removed, key extraction is possible only if you carry out deliberate actions aimed at breaking the key. Please do not try to remove the key.

2. Certificate of registration of the car (in the glove box).

3. The TP policy of the car - is in the glove box.

4. Fuel card (cards) - in the glove box in the car. The card is marked with a PIN code or you can get it from the operator by phone. Do not try to pick up the card, there is no fuel on the fuel card. Fuel appears on the card only during refueling, our operators are connected with the fuel company's support in the fact of fueling the car and you get the required amount of fuel in a standard procedure.

5. Wires charging mobile phones that are connected to the constant power supply of the car in which the engine is running. Attention! The wires are attached, it is impossible to unfasten the wires. Unfastening the wires will damage the interior of the car. Do not try to detach the wires from the car. If you liked our wires to charge the car, contact us, we can provide you the same in the property. We hope for your positive emotions and understand that this is done for the convenience of users. The charger can charge iOS and Android devices, our conducts are suitable for 95% of all smartphones and devices on which you can install our application.


What is not in our cars, but is in a standard car.

1. Spare wheel.

2. A jack and a wheel key.

3. Alarm keys or keys for unlocking / locking the car.

If you broke a wheel, just park the car and let us know about the breakdown. The puncture of the wheel will be paid for at our expense.

If you cut or tore the wheel, we will hold the cost of two similar wheels from you, because on one axis rubber with the same tread is used.


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