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Franchise: why and for what

Hi, of course, when you were registered as a user of carshering, or read somewhere information, could not help but pay attention to the fines in the Public Offer Agreement. Today we want to tell by examples why the penalties are spelled out, whom they act on and why they should not be afraid of ordinary users.

Are you afraid to use carsharing due to a franchise of 20,000 hryvnias? The Getmancar team understands you like no one else and that is why we are the only carsharing company that offers its services with zero franchise. Is it interesting to you? All about the franchise, as well as how to make 0 franchise read below.


Let`s go ............ ..


Item from the Agreement:

- In the event of damage to a car sharing (hired car) as a result of an accident, the Tenant pays the Lessor the deductible amount in accordance with the insurance conditions, but not less than 20,000 (twenty thousand) UAH 00 kopecks.


Sayings of contra:

• What the hell, why should I use a car with a franchise of 20 000 UAH.

• They grumble, therefore set up huge franchises

• What is a franchise? rave

• And you cannot do everything to be without responsibility!

• No matter, I better ride a bike

• These are scammers earning 20,000 UAH on clients, imitating an accident



It so happened that our activities are very risky. The most risky car insurance is on hull insurance, and if the car is rented, a taxi, or even our format (online rental), the insurance company rushes away from us as a devil.

Of course, you can say: insurance pays for everything, don`t care? This is the opinion of the layman, the one who has not come across insurance, or believes that this is a mutual aid fund. Insurance company goal - earnings. Earnings are the collection of more money, the payment is less. This practice is not in Ukraine, all over the world, so this is not our bad market, this is global practice.


1. we pay a lot of money for insurance, not as much as you for your car, much more.

2. many insurance people simply do not want to insure this risk (rent, lease ...)

3. Mandatory requirement - payment of insurance, and not just a purchase.

4. Every day, with every accident, we decrease our karma in the insurance company.


What we do in life in case of an accident

Dear friends, how do you react to an accident if someone hurt your car?

In many cases, people react very strictly, because the car is his property .... and it doesn't matter that there is a girl in another car, or a guy who is confused. We can show all our bad sides by shouting dirty slogans, throwing mud at another person. But in this situation there can be each of us. Of course, except for situations when a person has reached such a state: races, booze, and the like.


In how many accidents has been your car? Not a single one! Or once was! And you don’t even know what you will do in the attack, of course you understand in theory, but practice is not enough. And when you get into an accident situation, everyone starts to call each other, whom to connect, scream and ..


How many accidents or damage does the service have?

If you subtract mathematically, then 1.5 damage per car per month, that is, the average, each car takes 3 damage in 2 months.

You did not expect? Do not rush to write it off on our nation and ... .. this is a risk! Risk activity!


How not to lose in case of an accident?

Of course, this is a normal practice and we understand that you want a minimum of responsibility.

So we made tariffs with 0 franchise, that is, no 20,000 UAH. in case of an accident. Got in an accident - call the police, call us, draw up - use further service.

General practice:

1. You want a better car - you pay more

2. You want a bigger house - you spend more

3. You want better insurance - you pay more.

How much more do you spend? From 1 UAH. per minute to 200 UAH. per day. Not much for safety. And in the tariff for 69 minutes, only 27 UAH. At the same time, each km is cheaper than the usual basic tariff!


You are unlikely to buy insurance in any rental company with us or abroad for $ 1, so even with full coverage.


Foreign practice

We studied 100,500 rental and car sharing around the world. Unfortunately, we did not find a car sharing with 0 responsibility. The minimum that they found was 200-250 dollars, the maximum is 1500 dollars for a car class standard.

Speaking responsibly, we are specifically and, perhaps, the only ones in the world who in the field of car sharing offered you a 0 franchise!


Thank you for your understanding and if you want a franchise 0, just tell us the way convenient for you.

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