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#ЯGetManCar - we give 25 000 UAH for travel

Thank you for using our service. We know that many of you use our service on a daily basis, each has its own goal and task, which is why we organized this contest.


Goal: Share how you use the GetManCar service, we will thank you with bonuses.


The competition is held from September 5 to September 30, 2018.


What to do?

Tell the story how you use GetManCar, describe:

  • why do you use the service - daily trips, trips with family, work, ...
  • what tariff you choose - minutes, hours, night and ..., features of use or combination of tariffs by you, ... ..
  • Why do you use it for - it's profitable for you, convenient, just like it, for someone who is evil, you do not want your car or, so it happened, and it's temporary ....
  • Is it profitable for you to use the service - if so, why, not profitable - so why, maybe you cooperated with something or bring other people ...
  • possible advice on safety, parking, the use of tariffs and ....


How to write

  1. Describe the text in the social network: Instagram or Facebook
  2. Be sure to supply the hashtag #ЯGetManCar
  3. Put your promotional code at the end of the text so that those who read can get bonuses from you.


Why do this?

By your actions, you will help other users find their own or acquire additional benefits that they did not know about.


Prize fund

The prize fund is 25 000 (twenty five thousand) UAH, which we are ready to distribute to our winners.

Those who posted the publication, and received a greater number of likes, will receive bonuses to their account.

How bonuses are considered:

  1. Are distributed according to the size of the prize fund from the best - who gets more hounds and below
  2. One like of the publication is equal to 1 bonus.
  3. The maximum payment is 500 bonuses, that is, if there are more than 500 likes, the maximum payout will be only 500 bonuses.
  4. Pooting a post or posts, you can several and in different networks, but only one will be accounted for by the user with the most number of likes, or the one that you specify, according to the rules stated above.
  5. Post or publication must be in your account, it is not allowed to post in another's account.
  6. Twisted hounds will not be taken into account, and such an account will not be taken into account.


I’ve posted a publication on how and when I will receive bonuses?

  1. Post a publication with a hashtag #ЯGetManCar in your social network from 05/09/2018 to 30/09/2018
  2. From 01.10.2018 to 05.10.2018 send us a link to your profile where your publication was posted, the screen of publication and indicate the number of likes.
  3. From 05.10.2018 until 10.10.2018 we have counted the votes and publish all the winners and will calculate bonuses to them.

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