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Everything about the Hold in Getmancar Application

"freezing" of funds - photo

In this article we will look through the topic of the hold - what it is and how it functions

First of all, let us clarify what the hold is

Hold - is a temporary reservation of the amount of a card transaction until the transaction is confirmed or there is no confirmation at a time specified by the bank. That is, in simple words - this is a temporary "freezing" of funds on your bankcard for the duration of the rental car.

In Getmancar service, the amount of hold is from 300 (minute tariff), 500 (subscriptions) to 10 000 hryvnias, depending on the chosen tariff. Also there is an individual hold, the sum of which is considered by the Moderation Service.

When can Getmancar application charge-off a sum of funds from a hold?

Let`s consider two conditions for the operation of a hold:

  1. A certain amount cannot be charged from the hold if your trip was financially “positive”, i.e. there was enough money on your card to rent a car and use Getmancar service. In this case, the “frozen” amount on your bankcard will be unlocked during the day.
  2. If your trip was financially “negative” - there was not enough money on your card to use Getmancar service, then the application will charge-off the missing amount from the hold, and the remaining funds (if not the whole amount of the charge was charged-off) will be unlocked within 14 working days.

In most cases, the operations are successful within the framework and the hold is unlocked before the deadlines set; therefore, after the completion of the lease of the car, the client lives quietly.