Hot cakes in Kiev

This is a per-minute discount rate.

You have not seen such cheap tariffs, so cars are like cakes.

It is tarifficated as a Standard Per-minute car sharing, ie:

  1. The 50 km run is included
  2. The cost is paid only for one minute of use
  3. All discounted cars are marked with%
  4. The cost of a minute car sharing ranges from 0.99 UAH. up to 2.99 UAH for 1 minute travel.
  5. Rates are valid 24 hours a day from Mon-Fri
  6. Tariffs exceeding 50 km are 5 UAH/km



  1. The waiting minute is charged at all rates as well as the minute of use, that is, if you move at 0.99 UAH / minute, waiting also 0.99 UAH / minute if you move at 1.99 UAH / minute, then the minute of waiting 1.99 UAH / minute.
  2. The tariff is valid until the end of the trip, or the transfer of the car to the Waiting mode, the continuation of use will be made at the standard rate - 3.99 UAH. per minute (more expensive in packages with 0 franchises in an accident).


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