How to use?

Step 1

Enter App

Step 2

Choose a select of any car on the map near to you

Step 3

Click order

Step 4

Come to the car (20 minutes is free booking) and click “start rental”

Step 5

Choose the tariff from shown

Step 6

Sign e-proof of receive. The car opened automatically.

Step 7

Use a car. You can see your mark and the car on the map. You can see the payment at the up of the App while using the car.

Step 8

Complete the rental. Park the car at the allowed place. Turn off the engine, lights. Put the automatic transmission selection to “P” position or first transmission using the manual transmission. Turn on hand brake. Go out from the car, close the doors, click “complete rental”. If you turned off all necessary and close the windows, the car will closed (locked). You can make pictures and send it to us.

Step 9

Receive the calculation of rental on your mobile device and e-mail. The information can be aldo duplicated via sms. The screen of your device will return to the strart rental mode.

Step 10


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