Individual complete zone

What to do if you want to complete carsharing closer to your home or work, but complete zone near you is missing.

We offer an individual solution for everyone who needs a zone.


 Why don't you make a zone near me

Very often you ask for zones that are not popular. Even using the service, you use the zone only for trips to it, but never take a car from this zone. Taking away from there:

  • not profitable
  • Not comfortable
  • Other

Other users do the same, they take the car and drive it to your zone and leave the car there.

In order to start using the car, our support takes the car away. That is mean that the amount paid by you for a trip of 50-120 UAH does not even go to 0 UAH. for us, and more often go to minus.


Of course, we understand that you want a zone there, and it is vital for you. Even if you do not use the function of "waiting" (at night for free), we offer you an additional solution.


Individual complete zone for you

If you want an individual zone and it is in line of the Kiev Ring Road, simply send this zone from your e-mail to and indicate the address where you want it. We add this information to your card and you can complete the rental with the help of our operators.


How to complete?

Came, called to support, said - complete. The operator withdraws from your account 250 UAH. If you pick up the car within 12 hours, or any other pick up the car from this place, you just write to us to messenger - auto number .... Moved out. We check the time and return 250 UAH. For you to bonuses.


Popular zone will be added

That is mean, if your zone is popular, there will never be a car there. If it is not popular - the car will remain and you will be able to take it to the nearest zone. Then you will have compensation.

If a zone becomes popular and a car is always taken from there, the zone will be added by our moderators, because it has a result.

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