From the history of car sharing

Have you ever wondered how exactly carsharing started, or how long does it exist? Especially for you, the Getmancar team has prepared a publication on carsharing history. And so, how has it all begun?

A start

It all started in 1948 in Zurich - where the first contract of carsharing has been signed. Then in 1970ies started more ambitious project of carsharing in France, but they were working only for a couple of years and then stopped their working.


Germany picked up

Then, in 1990-ies the Germanic carsharing Statt Auto began functioning in its country – Germany. It was a success and a lot of people started using carsharing services.


Carsharing in USA

Dave Brooke, a Portland resident launched Carshare in Portland, USA. In his service were 20 cars of his neighbours who agreed to share their cars. Zipcar carsharing company launched in Boston in 2000.



If we try to count how many cities nowadays, we will get a figure of 600 cities around the world. In USA along there are 30 carsharing companies. For example, there is Mobility CarSharing in Switzerland which has got around 30 000 users.

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