Leave the car even there is no drop off zone

If you suffer from the fact that you want to complete a car sharing near your house, office ... but there is no "drop off" car sharing zone, we offer you the option of completion with our help, without using zones.

Now you can prove that your zone is cool.


We have already talked about the "Waiting" mode, how it can be used in places where there is no “drop off” zone, and also about "A quiet night" when the car can be left near the house completely free of charge. If you missed this, then read:

  1. Why use the "Waiting" mode
  2. "Quiet Night" or free night "Waiting".


But if you do not want to use "Waiting" or "Quiet Night", but still you need to finish using the car, there's nothing easier. Just a few simple steps and everything is decided.


What to do

  1. Call the support service 097-444-5-222 and inform about the desire to complete the car sharing outside the "drop off" zone.
  2. Park the car according to the traffic rules, stop the engine, close the doors and leave the car, take a photo of the car and send it to the operator of support via the messenger.
  3. The operator will withdraw the payment for completing the car sharing out of the area from your bank card and complete the lease.



The cost of completing the service outside the "drop off" zone:

  1. Within the Kiev Ring Road - 250 UAH.
  2. Within the zone of use beyond the Kiev ring road - 500 UAH.



If the car is rented in this place within 3 hours from the moment of your completion, you will receive a full refund to your bonus account.

The other user starts the process, if you start, the cashback will not be produced.


Zone is cool + 1000 bonuses

If your zone is really cool, there will not hang out (remain) cars, but will leave with other users, which means that you helped us a lot. For your help, we are ready to give you 1000 bonuses for trips (for the zones inside the KRR) or 500 bonuses (for the areas outside the KRR).


In order to define a cool zone

It should be used for 3 months and the number of trips (when the car was there and left at the time specified above) should not be less than 3 trips per week.

If several people park in this zone on the same principle (return of the cashback), the reward will be divided among all the participants.

The participant who receives bonuses is the one who completes the lease in this locality, and does not start.

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Drop off zones: principles, what and why?

This publication is especially for those who ask when there will be a zone near my house or why there is no zone near the business center. There are certainly very well-bred users, they write us much nicer: "Come on .........., Until the zone is added ..........", "At ......... .. service is needed if I need to walk 700 meters to the car" ..................


Waiting mode

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