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Maven car sharing in the USA

More and more car manufacturers are moving to the model of car sharing. Not only Daimler and BMW participate in the car sharing, General Motors also created its own company.


GM equips all new cars with modules that can translate the car into car sharing use. Maven is a P2P and B2C format of the car sharing, in which the car manufacturer company takes part.


GM clearly understands that the car sharing carries the future and in the struggle for sales, seeks to seize part of the market of joint consumption.


Everyone who bought a GM car has a built-in module. All that's needed is just to join the Maven program and start giving up your car.


Maven operates only in the US, and the application is downloaded to a phone that has access to Google Play or the US App Store.


From the company's website can not clearly understand the cost of the service, but there are declared several classes of cars: compact cars, eco-cars, SUVs and weekly prices from 199 dollars per week.


Advertising on the website indicates that you will be able to get a car from $ 8 for 1 hour of car sharing + taxes. Downloading the application through the US market, we saw even Chevrolet Spark (Ravon R2) at $ 6 per hour. We are not happy to see that the tax is 22.5 USD when we tried to take a car just for few hours.


All Maven cars:

  1. Open through the application
  2. Have fuel cards
  3. Fuel and insurance are included in the price
  4. Equipped with 4G internet in the car
  5. Equipped with equipment for connecting the phone to the vehicle's on-board network


Features of Maven:

  1. Free membership - maybe it's funny for Ukraine, but at 90% for having the opportunity to use the car sharing, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Maven says about the benefits - there is no monthly fee.
  2. The deductible for an accident is $ 1000


Type of car sharing

Maven is a small symbiosis that combined P2P and B2C car sharing. In addition, Maven is a station form of car sharing, when you take and return a car only in a certain zone. The zone of reception and return of the car is the same very often, for example in New Brooklyn there are only 2 zones.


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