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The account has been blocked

Here is considered why your account has been blocked and indeed it is all over.

This article is made in order to explain you the specification of our job and what mean service messages that are sent to you on the email.

If you have got a message about blocking your account, what can this mean?

You have just registered, have never used the services but you have already been blocked

Check your email, including SPAM folder, you have been sent requests and instructions, follow them and your account will be back again on the moderation stage and unblocked.

Here are the most frequently made mistakes from the side of new users:

  1. You have not added the documents or they are of a bad quality.
  2. You have not added documents at all.
  3. You have not added some documents – for example, your driving license
  4. You have added photos from the copies, not from original documents and moderation does not know whether you have original documents or no.
  5. The quality of the photos is bad and when you approach them, you cannot read a number of the document, date of issue, validity period of the document
  6. Numbers of the document, its part are hidden or you have hidden a face when you made selfie with a document.
  7. The document is very old: a photo cannot be seen, your driver`s license is broken, and a page of the documents is torn.

There is not enough driving experience or your age

One of the reason of blocking your account may be not enough driving experience and age of the user. If you do not have a driving experience of 2 years or you are younger than 21 years old – we cannot let you use the service, this contradicts to the rules of the service and the insurance.

The documents of different countries

A reason to a temporal blocking before you added the documents may be the case you have added a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a certification of constant living and foreign driving license – if you got a document about constant living on the territory of Ukraine, please, get Ukrainian driving license (demands of UN Convention of 1968 about road traffic). You can use the service as a resident if you have Ukrainian driving license or as a foreigner. Choose a variant that is suitable for you and we will unblock your account.

Blocking according to financial reasons

Financial and other reasons of blocking are made if you have enough information about:

  1. Whether you have finance debts and constant inability to pay
  2. Negligent and insane relation to performing of duties in any other service, building…
  3. Multiple violations of Road traffic rules, rude…

Questions and answers of the topic:

I understand everything but if I have not added driving license or it is of a bad quality why do you need to block my account?

On moderation, there are only three statuses of the user:

  • Approval
  • Blocking
  • Waiting in the queue on moderation

If account is in the waiting line on the moderation, the mderation has an active indicator that is ticking. That is why the moderators must as soon as possible do all the operations, but the documents are not resent, that is why the account cannot be longer in the state of verification than it is acceptable, it means that it is or approved or blocked. As there is a lack of some documents, driving experience or… an account is blocked till the time of getting this document… and it gets back again on moderation, some later on approval.

Why cannot I added documents later?

The application and the whole process of registration is done in the way that you cannot make any changes to your account. It is done according to the security and the service work. So that there will not be a case that Petrenko has registered and the trip has ended the user with the same ID but now he is Ivanenko or changed his documents. That is why this operation can be made only by the Support Service or moderation, it depends on how deep the request is.

My girlfriend who has a driving license for 12 years and has never used the car can be user and I, who has 1,5 of real driving experience cannot?

This is absolutely true. There is no other criteria except for physical adding of a driving experience into the driving license, yet in the whole world.

I have a driving license for a year, I am 19 years old but my real driving experience is for more than five years. Why cannot I be a user?

Unfortunately, we can take into account only official driving experience.

Can I use the service if I there is a lack of two month of driving experience or an age?

The conditions of the state or an age are strict, no younger than 21 years old and driving experience no less than 2 years.

The hold and its size lose sense in the use of the service

If you have an individual sum of hold, you have not enough rating. Start to use the service, later your rating will be higher and your hold will be less.

To read what is hold and what it is needed in more detail you can in the article

You have used the services but there is blocking of your account

This happens because of some reasons:

  • You have financial debts in some service or they happen automatically
  • Multiple violations of the Road traffic rules, complaints on your car usage from other users or people. Even if you have not got a fine from our company (and we do it very rarely) we always get information about your use of our car. We know almost everything. If you are a dangerous driver or you have constant complaints depending on your actions we will offer you another variant of using our service or we will not be able to work with use.
  • You have a debt and the case is in the court
  • There is a suspicion of the use of your account by third parties or that your account has been breaking

What to do if your account has been blocked

Write us a letter on – you will be answered as soon as possible but no longer than 72 hours about the reasons of blocking and how to overcome them.

You will be unblocked as soon as possible.

The letter can have a question like: Good afternoon, please tell me why my account has been blocked?

Send a letter only from the e-mail that is added to your account.

Still have some questions. Write us right now: