My account has been blocked

Here's why your account could be blocked and it's really all about.

This publication is intended to explain to you the specifics of our work and what are the service messages that come to you by mail.


If you have an account blocking message, what it might mean.



You just registered, did not use the services, and you have already been blocked

Check the email, including the SPAM folder, to send requests or instructions to you, complete them and write back to moderation and unlocked.


Most commonly, such errors are caused by new users:

  1. Has not attached or attached a poor quality of documents:
    • do not attach any documents
    • do not attach some documents - for example, a driver's license
    • attached a photo from the copies, not from the original. The moderation team does not know do you have the original document
    • the quality of the photo is very poor. It is impossible to read the document`s number when approaching, date of issue, validity period of the document
    • The document numbers, part of it are closed or you closed your face when you made a self picture with a document
    • The document is very old: the photo is not visible, the driver is broken, the document page is pulled out
  2. The young driver:
    • The attached documents show that there is more than 2 years of driving experience and more than 21 years old, but there is no 25 years and 5 years of driving experience - in the letter you have been provided with details for entering the deposit amount for the car, and also indicated that when using the service 3 months, the deposit will be returned, and you will switch to the unsecured use of the service. Make a deposit, write a letter, we will unblock and approve your account.
  3. No experience of 2 years or age less than 21 years of age - we can not allow you to use the service, this is contrary to the rules of the service.
  4. Foreigner - you have sent a letter and details for payment / deposit amount, after it has been entered, write us a letter and we activate the account.
  5. A passport of a citizen of Ukraine, either a certificate of permanent residence and a foreign driver's license, is attached. If you have received a document on permanent residence in the territory of Ukraine, please obtain Ukrainian driver's license (requirement of the UN Convention on Road Traffic of 1968). You can use the service as a resident, if there is a Ukrainian driver license or as a foreigner, then with a deposit. Select the appropriate option for you and we will unblock your account.
  6. Financial and other blocking reasons: We have sufficient information about:
    • Having financial debts and permanent insolvency
    • Homeless and abnormal attitude towards the performance of duties in any other service, institution ...
    • Multiple traffic violations, ... ..


Questions and answers on the topic:

I understand everything, but if I do not put driver’s license or it's poor quality, why block my account?

For moderation, there are only three user statuses:

  1. Approval
  2. Lock
  3. Moderation

If the account hangs in the queue for moderation, the moderator is actively ticking the counter, which they are afraid of more than ...... Therefore, they should promptly carry out all operations with your account and approve you. Very often they write and even call the users, but the documents are not forwarded, therefore, the account can not be longer than it is necessary to check in, that is, it either approves or is blocked. Because there is not enough document, experience or ..., the account is blocked until the receipt of the document ... .. and return it to the moderation, later approval.


Why I can not attach documents later?

Indeed, the application and the entire registration process are made so that you can not make changes to the account. This is done from the standpoint of safety and service work. That it dio not succeed, that Petrenko was registered, and the user completed the trip with the same ID, but now he Ivanenko or changed the documents. Therefore, such an operation can only be performed by support or moderation, depending on the depth of the request.


What kind of idiot came up with the age of 25 and experience in 5 years? Everywhere is a 20 or 21 year old and a experience of 2 years.

This idiot is called the statistics and the insurance company. There are rules for the limitation of accidents, which are provided annually, and also the tariffs and terms of insurance are set on them. The higher the experience and age of the driver, the more loyal the tariffs and less accident. Unfortunately, this is the practice of the whole world.

Where age is lower, there are two options:

  • Test mode when looking at accidents, as in any age limit
  • They have little experience and they will see the accident a little later and may well return to a higher seniority and age.
  • Their tariffs will rise later due to high accident rates

We do not think it is worth giving examples of high accident rates in our business. It is one of the biggest.


It turns out that my girlfriend, who has set experience in a license for 12 years and never used a car, can be a user, but I, who have 4 years of real experience can not?

Absolutely true. Another criterion, apart from the physical indication of seniority in a driving document, is not yet in the world. Already there are telematics that take into account your driving behavior. A little bit later, we will do the same for you as this statistic is open and you will see who is a dangerous driver, who is not, if you want. But in this case, access to the service is necessary from the beginning, and later the receipt of statistics, therefore, the issues of seniority are primary.


My driver's license is 1 year, I am 19 years old, but I have been driving for more than 5 years.

This is great, but unfortunately we can only take into account the official driving experience.


Is it possible to use the service if I am missing two months of experience or age

Conditions of employment or age are tough, if there is a retreat, then it can not be said for 2 months or 2 days is a critical period. We have users with less experience and age, but they are given individual requests or those who have already used our service with a deposit. Sometimes there are exceptions for users with very positive dynamics, that is, we have received enough information and feedback from different services about the actions and actions of this user. In this case, we took risks for ourselves.


Giving a deposit makes no sense in using the service

It is possible for you this way, if you do not use the service quite often and simply want you to have an account just in case, the deposit will not be interesting to you.


What are the financial problems that I have and why I can’t  use the service?

Everything is very simple, if you do not fulfill obligations to other people, you will apply to us as well. Not immediately, but it is quite possible that after a while. We would like to work with responsible people and are always happy with them. Only a normal attitude to each other leads to peace and mutual understanding. Allow your financial and other difficulties and we will be glad to cooperate with you. If your difficulties are not very problematic, we can offer the option of using a loan service for a period. An analogy can be made with alimony relations, when state deprive drivers of the payment of alimony, what is the connection? Communication in punishment, restriction, and also that if you do not care about the child, will you take care of observance of traffic rules?


Why do I refer to an imaginary financial cause and can not specify a specific one

Dear users, we will never open this reason, as it can be very personal. Therefore, we do not disclose it, so as not to harm third parties and your reputation, including, not to cause a conflict situation between you and third parties, companies and organizations.

For example 1: you have a debt of 1 000 000 UAH. before citizen Petrov, whom you do not want to pay. We absolutely do not care whether Petrov or you are right, just try to find human relationships and have a cleaner reputation.

For example 2: You are periodically in a state of alcohol intoxication, smoke drugs, beat neighbors and ......

Can we really let you write such information about you? It will offend you, even if it is true and the next will be a reasonable question: prove that I was drinking or smoking or ... ..

We do not prove that we make a decision based on the availability of information.


You used the services, but there was a blocking of the account


This is due to several reasons:

  1. You have financial debts before the service or they arise systematically, as a result of which you will be offered a different format for using the service or not using at all
  2. Multiple violations of traffic rules, complaints about your use of the car from other users and individuals. Even if we did not expose you to fines (and we rarely do this), we always get information about your use of the car. We know almost everything. If you are a dangerous driver or are constantly complaining about you, depending on the nature of your actions, we will suggest another use of the service or we will not be able to continue cooperation with you.
  3. You have a debt and the case is transferred to the court
  4. There is a suspicion of using your account by third parties to hack


What to do if the account is blocked

Just write an e-mail to - they will respond as soon as possible, but not more than within 72 hours about the reasons or how to eliminate it.


If the question is solvable, and it is resolved in 99%, you are very quickly unlocked.


The letter may simply contain a question: Good afternoon, tell me why you have blocked my account?

Send the letter only from the mail-bound account.

It is not necessary to write the words in the letter: FUCK, IDIOTY and ....... We know that you think so, but refraining from it does not make you honorable.


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