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New tariff Minute + 5 UAH / km

You might want to sit down! We have prepared for you a new favorable tariff "Minute + 5 UAH/km". We decided to keep up with European countries, where carsharing services successfully use tariffs that include payment for mileage. Of course, we all tested in Kiev and Dnipro, and found that the tariff "Minute + 5 UAH/km" is still profitable!

What do we have?

The cost of the tariff "Minute + 5 UAH/km" is 1 UAH per minute. You pay additionally 5 UAH for every kilometer.

Function "Waiting" (parking) mode is also 1 UAH/min.

Fuel is included in the tariff.

Transfer mode – 0.30 UAH/min.

You have three free bookings per day, each for 20 minutes. In the future, the cost of booking is 0.99 UAH/min. If you exceed 20 minutes or booking done more than 3 times in 24 hours, extra tariffing - 0.99 UAH/min.

The deposit is 300 UAH.

Additional insurance costs 1 UAH / min. and reduces the amount of the deductible (the amount that is not covered by insurance) to 5 000 UAH.

The tariff is valid daily from 07:00 to 23:00.

What's the feature?

If you have planned a short trip to one or several places, and it takes less than an hour, the “Minute + 5 UAH / km” tariff is the best option for such a trip. For example, if you need to get to work, which is 6 km away, you will spend up to 10 minutes on the trip. It turns out that the cost of your trip will be 6 * 5 + 10 * 1 = 40 UAH. Only 40 UAH for a ride in your car, Karl!

It is also convenient to use the tariff for short trips during rush hour or in traffic jams, because you will practically not pay for the mileage.

Where to get?

The new tariff is already in your smartphone, in the Getmancar app. You can try it on such car models: Skoda Fabia, Ravon R2, Reno Logan, Kia Rio, Peugeot 301. Did you find the car you want? Choose a new tariff and drive.

Let's test it now, and we are waiting for your feedback on social networks and instant messengers!