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The new logic of the start of the trip

What was in the old application

In order to start the trip, what did you do:

  1. Reserve a car
  2. Modal window flown: Are you sure you want to book? You choose “yes”
  3. Clicks to "rent"
  4. Tariffs appeared, selected tariff.
  5. The car check window appeared: good or bad condition of the car. If you chose a good one - the car is opened, if bad:
  6. The window with comments, photos and marks about the bad condition of the car appeared.

What was bad with the old application?

  1. When booking, it showed only a minute tariff, you could choose a tariff, but only then. This factor mislead many beginners who called and asked: how to choose a tariff. The fact is that in many countries it will be just so in car sharing. Why? Therefore, the basic tariff is a minute and very often it is the only one, without any other proposals.
  2. If the car is in good condition - 5 clicks before the start of the trip.
  3. There was no opportunity to make a photo about the condition of the car. Therefore, if you did not do it yourself - you did not have proof of car condition, if it was damaged by third parties. There were some users who wanted to mislead and made a photo with damage, then he painted pictures in the photo editor for showing car as without damage. More detailed such a story is available on our site by the link.
  4. In case you choose the condition of the car bad - very often, the system did not allow you to make a photo in the application, but only allowed them to be sent by e-mail, which is why you often added them and they disappeared.
  5. Many of you asked to give time to inspect the car and not only externally, but also inside the car. In the old application you got into the car only after the start of the trip, when the timer was already moving and payments already write off. So many did not check the documents, quickly set up seats and mirrors ...
  6. You asked for the possibility of warming and cleaning the car from the snow and do not pay for it. For this, we have implemented extra time. Now you have it, if you set it in the settings - warming up the car.

How to start a trip in the new application

  1. Click on the reservation, having already chosen the tariff that we will use
  2. Click "open car" when we are near the car.
  3. Check the condition of the car: good or not.
    a. If yes - we can take a photo, if you switch of this stage in the settings, then the trip will begin immediately. If the photo function is switched, we take a photo.
    b. If not, choose what is bad and make at least 3 photos of what you don’t like and can write comments

What is good and modified in the new application?

  1. If you follow the accelerated procedure, you begin a trip in a 3-4 clicks, instead of 5, as it was before.
  2. You choose the tariff immediately, so there will be no questions: where should I choose the tariff?
  3. Photos are put into the application very quickly and also saved to the phone - no e-mails or other messengers.
  4. If you want to inspect the car in more details - you have 5 minutes, it was not in the old application. By the way, during the inspection you have access to the car, so you can check the documents and adjust the seats.
  5. After admission to the car for inspection, you cannot start the engine until you finish the review and start “warming up” or “driving” in the application. This causes confusion among those who used the old application, but we clearly separated the stages of inspection and ride.
  6. After warming up the car, you go by pressing the “finish warming up” button, if you did not press and start moving, make an action aimed at the beginning of the movement (set the handbrake, etc., etc.), the program will switch to the trip stage itself.
  7. If you have the warm-up function switched (in the settings), then you have an additional 5 minutes to start the engine and warm up the car. Read more about the warm-up function here.
  8. You can take a photo of the car, even if condition is normal, for the alibi. Moreover, these photos are not only sent instantly to us, without any loss of download, they still remain in your smartphone automatically.
  9. If the condition of the car is unsatisfactory, you can take a lot of photos, send them to us, everything comes, it remains with you too. Additionally, you can take notes and descriptions on the photo. The minimum amount is 3 photos for each flaw. The maximum amount is not limited.

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