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The logic of payment for services in the new and old applications GetManCar

How to pay for services in the old GetManCar application

  1. At minute tariffs, you paid at the end of the trip, but approximately 75 UAH, that is mean, when you exceed the limit of 75 UAH. – payment is made for the service.
  2. At subscription tariffs - payment for a subscription, and additional payments (for example, for a km), are taken at the end of the trip, but multiply 75 UAH, as in the minute tariffs.

How the payment is made in the new application

  1. Before the start of the trip, hold (freezing) of a certain amount on your card is made, from 300 to 1000 UAH, as a rule.
  2. You are driving and there is no payment until you are close to the amount of the holding, or payment will be made after the completion of the trip.
  3. Payment will be made from the card over the amount of the hold.
  4. If the balance is positive - cash for payment will be made, and the holding is returned immediately after 00 hours. The hold amount is returned within 1 minute.
  5. If you no longer have money, then the payment will not be debited, and after 00 hours the amount will be debited partly out of the money in the hold, and the rest will be returned to the card. Please note that if we partially write off a hold, the amount of the hold can be returned up to 72 hours.

Why such a complicated logic and complications

  1. We stopped the partial write-offs, because the bank is not very pleasing that we always ask to write off for 75 UAH. It is a necessity and it is better to write down one time.
  2. We have had cases where a person had a debt of 79 UAH. and did not pay it for 4 months, because he forget, go abroad and ... .. So, then the debt paid, fine, person unblocked and ... .. In this way, we simply leave from such options. We understand, that you do not do it, but there is a certain number of people who refer to it differently.
  3. The amount of the holding may be more or less, more than 300 - 1000 UAH. or less, up to 0. It depends on the users rating. So, if you have some fines, insufficient age, some financial debts, and you say: and what are the debts? Of course, no matter what. So we will offer you to use the services, but we will check your balance more strongly. Do good things, do not break the rules and you will be in the best conditions.
  4. Why the hold do not back at once?
    We assume that if you take the car and immediately canceled the order after want to take another car, it may happen that the time between the booking is not significant, which means that the first holding will not be able to return, and the second one you have there will be no funds. So, we take the hold once.
  5. When the hold is taken?
    The amount is blocked when you admit to the car - open the car and start the inspection.

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