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Smoking in carsharing cars is prohibited

No smoking - picture

Smoking is prohibited in Getmancar vehicles. At all! Neither smoking in the cabin nor with the opened window. The electronic cigarettes are not allowed either!

Keep in mind that other drivers will use the car after you; they are not like the smell of cigarettes. In addition, children in the cabin or people with an allergy to tobacco smoke can ride after you. Let's respect each other.

What is prohibited?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in Getmancar vehicles:

  1. Tobacco cigarettes.
  2. Electronic cigarettes, including iqos, glo, juul and others.
  3. Hookah.
  4. Other substances that can be smoked.

Why is it forbidden?

Therefore, it is too difficult to remove the smell of cigarettes. To completely eliminate the consequences of smoking in the cabin, it is necessary to carry out dry cleaning and ionization. Moreover, the ashes fall on the seat, spoil the upholstery and leave traces. For all this, the violator of the rules will have to pay. Also, don't forget about other users who will be driving after you. They may not share your love for smoking. Therefore, let's remain human and respect each other.

Helpful advice

If you really want to smoke, stop the car get out and get your dose of tobacco (or whatever you smoke) while enjoying the local scenery. You will have to overpay a little for the time-spent stopping, but who said that smoking is cheap?

Be a kitty, don't smoke in the car.