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Smoking is prohibited

Everybody got used to the fact that in cafes and restaurants there are some areas for those who smoke / do not smoke. Or those that prohibits smoking at all. Why you think that Getmancar car is exactly the smoking area?

A little bit a human

When we say that in Getmancar`s car smoking is prohibited we often hear from our clients “What if I open the window?”, or “I smoked electronic cigarettes. This does not count”.

What is prohibited?

When Getmancar`s team say that the smoking in the car is prohibited (that is also written if the public offer contract), we mean the nest things:

It is prohibited to smoke in Getmancar`s cars:

  • ordinary cigarettes
  • electronic cioigarettes
  • igos
  • glo
  • hookah!!!
Warning: all other things that you are able to smoke are also prohibited.

Why is it prohibited? I cause harm to nobody

Actually, you do. In order to remove the smell from the car – only the open car window is not enough. It is needed to dry-clean the saloon of the car and make an ionization in order to get rid off the smell in the car. And now imagine who will pay for all of these things? The one who violated the ban.

Do not forget that you are not the only one who uses Getmancar`s car. After you other people will use the car and they will feel, at least, uncomfortable to feel the smells. As maximum another user will have allergic response. And you will be guilty that his state will worsen.

In addition, when you smoke you get distracted from the road. Maybe only a little bit but you will be not so concentrated on the road. As a result – the risk of road traffic accident starts to increase. And then not only you can suffer, but also those people who are not guilty.

The smoking in the car because of the ash causes some holes in the seat and / or your clothes.

A useful advice: If you need to smoke so much, just stop the car, leave it and smoke.

Yes, you will spend a little bit more time on your trip than you planned, but you really make it easier for you and all the people surrounding you. Besides, there is some time to enjoy the world and its beauty in everyday city hustle.