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P2P car sharing

One type of car sharing is the P2P or peer to peer format. This model is already used in the rental of real estate for travel by the Air BNB service, as well as car rental companies, aggregators offering car rental from several companies.


The information revolution is taking place and there are more and more proposals for renting a car from the owner when an individual can participate in car sharing. It is offered to anyone who wants to rent their car.


P2P format, this is when an individual who owns a car transfers his car to any other individual. There are plenty of pluses:

  1. A cheaper price, because the owner does not have offices, staff, expensive insurance, and therefore has a cheaper price
  2. Possibility of an agreement on the separate cost of the car rental.


  1. Fraud by tenants and owners - all platforms dismantle such unscrupulous users and owners, but they are.
  2. Limited insurance - it is made for the individual owner, without the right to lease, so if there is an adventure, there may be a problem with the payment.
  3. Separate conditions from the owner, it is necessary to read the terms of each.


The P2P car is impossible for short-term rental, it is possible from 1 day, because the owner physically can not provide extradition and reception of the car in less short terms. Theoretically possible and shorter terms, but this is more an exception than the rules.


The P2P format is developing very actively in the United States, and there are also examples in the world, for example, France and the Russian Federation.

The P2P carsharing format is developed by individual suppliers and whole automobile concerns, such as General Motors, about specific examples of companies and their activities in the P2P format, we will talk in the following publications, so watch out.

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