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Paid zones in carsharing

Paid zones in carsharing - picture

This is not what you thought. In fact, we have come up with a very handy option. Just read it to the end.

Еnd zones

You know that in carsharing there are еnd zones, zones where you can end your ride and terminate the lease. We are constantly reviewing these zones, at the request of users, checking and adding new points on the map where you can complete the lease. This makes the use even more convenient, because the new zone can be even closer to you. However, not all of the zones suggested by users meet the criteria for popularity, safety and convenience.

Which zones are paid?

Zones in remote, sparsely populated or unpopular areas and in areas with a reduced level of security are paid. Such areas are usually not popular with users; however, if necessary you can leave your car there.

What is the cost of paid zones?

All paid zones are marked in yellow and have a price marker. The price for completing the ride in the paid zone (only if you rented a car in the free zone) is 50 UAH.

If within 8 hours after payment you return any car from the paid zone to the free one, the UAH 50 you paid will be returned to bonus account.

When do you pay for the paid zone?

Only if you rented a car in the free zone, and completed the ride in a paid zone, you pay for using the zone.

Start and end of ride in any paid zone | Getmancar

You don't pay for all paid zones

If you rented a car in a paid zone and completed the ride also in a paid zone (in any one), you do not pay for the use of the zones.

Start of rent in a free zone, end of rent in a paid zone | Getmancar

Paid zone becomes free

Paid zones have a so-called "deferred refund". After the end of the rental in the paid zone, the fee for it will be charged and you will have 8 hours to return the money paid to the bonus account.

If within 8 hours you have not returned any auto service from the paid zone to the free zone, the cost for using the zone is not refundable.

If within 8 hours you rent a car again in the free zone, and return it in a paid zone, the fee will be charged again, and there will be 8 hours for cashback.

Re-completion of the trip in the paid zone | Getmancar

Earn on paid zones

If you rented a car in a paid zone and ended the rental in a free, regular zone, you will receive 25 bonuses on your account. Bonuses are credited only if there is no "deferred refund", that is, if you have not paid for the zone within 8 hours.

Start of rent in a paid zone, end of ride in a free zone | Getmancar

Route examples

Let's say you took a car on the Korabelna st (free zone) and went to see relatives on the Rybolovnaya st, Kiev (paid zone) and completed the ride there. In this case, the rental price will be the amount for the trip UAH 50 for the paid zone. You will have 8 hours to return the payment for the zone to your bonus account.

During these 8 hours, you remember that you forgot your laptop at work, and you need to pick it up. You book any car in the paid zone and go to work on the Vishgorodska st (free zone). Here you get your 50 UAH as bonuses back to your account - you returned the car to the popular zone.

At work, a colleague drove you home in his car on the Brovary city (paid zone). From there you decide to go by carsharing to your friends who also live in the paid zone near the Lavina Mall. A trip from a paid zone to a paid zone is not charged additionally; therefore, you do not pay for a paid zone, only the cost of the trip.

If, within 8 hours, you have not paid for the use of the zone, , and you do not have a "deferred refund", then you can rent a car in the paid zone, for example, on the Nova st, return to the free zone somewhere near Khreshchatyk st and get 25 bonuses on the account. You returned the car to the popular free zone.

What will happen to the free zones?

Free zones will remain. As always, you will be able to ride and complete your ride in the regular end zones at no extra charge. If the paid zone near your home has become quite popular (cars are often taken there), it will become free, and zones with a bad history of demand, on the contrary, because it is important for us that the zones expand, and the cars are exactly where users need them for ride.

As you can see, paid zones are paid only in limited conditions, otherwise, they will allow users to find a car nearby, and organically move it exactly where the car is needed.