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Free parking at the Borispol airport

Boryspil Airport - photo

Boryspil International Airport (KBP) is not very convenient and it can be quite difficult to get to it by public transport, not to mention heavy suitcases and bags. Of course, it is easier to get to the required location by your own car, but parking at the airport for the duration of your flight will cost a lot. But how do you get to the starting point and not spend a lot of money?

For everyone who wants to park a car for free at the airport in Boryspil

If you got to Kyiv by your own car, or you are from Kyiv, and you certainly want to drive to Borispol airport, because it is convenient, then put your suitcases and the whole family will go at the appointed time. Then a good solution is:

  1. leave a car in a parking lot in the city or in the suburbs of Kyiv, cheap;
  2. find a free Getmancar vehicle in the mobile app, book and drive it to the airport, because parking for the service cars is free, and the rental is very cheap (from 1 UAH/minute or from 75 UAH/hour, and fuel, parking and insurance are already included in the cost).

Carsharing Getmancar is the best option because it is:

  • Comfortably. There are always free cars near you. Choose through the mobile application and go.
  • Profitable. Rent a car from 75 UAH per hour, including fuel and parking. It is cheaper than a taxi or your own car, which must be left in a paid parking.
  • Simply. When you arrive at the airport, just leave the car at the indicated place and finish the ride. Or take a car at the airport and go to the city, the car can be left in any completion zone in the city, there is no need to return it to Boryspil.
  • Comfortable. Travel comfortably with your own transport, which has place for suitcases and backpacks, and which will take you directly to the terminal.

How do I use the free parking?

The system automatically checks the license plates of the cars when it drives up to the parking lot. When the system recognizes the Getmancar vehicle, the barrier will rise and the entrance to the parking will be opened. You do not need to take an entry ticket.

If the license plate was not counted for some reason, just tell the parking concierge that this is a Getmancar, the concierge has a list of license plates, so he will let you through for free. Considering that the car has bright stickers, it will not be difficult to recognize it.

If you have any questions about parking, please contact the support, they are always in touch and will be happy to help.

Where can I park my car?

For our cars, special places are reserved on the ground floor of the airport parking, near Terminal D, where most flights arrive. Finding places is easy, they are marked with Getmancar branded bollards and will be located on the right side of the road in the parking lot (see diagram).

арта аэропорта Борисполь

Leave the car in the appropriate parking spaces, and then the following users can easily find the car.

арта аэропорта Борисполь

If you plan to get from the airport to the city, you know where to look for a car. Rent a car for a minute, hour or day and go. When you arrive to the place, leave the car in any drop off zone, the car does not need to return to the airport.

It is convenient with Getmancar, because a free car is always nearby, so rent a car in Kiev from 75 UAH per hour and go. Take yourself and your suitcases comfortably to the airport, and leave your car in the parking without any problems.

Have any questions?


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