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Getmancar: Payment Logic for the Services in Application

We faced the fact that our users often ask us: “Why before the trip I was charged-off some sum of money and at the end of the trip – another sum?”, “What is hold?”, “When will be the blocked sum returned?”

This article will help you to understand the payment logic and its peculiarities in Getmancar mobile application.

If you decided to use out Getmancar carsharing service, it will be useful for you to know, when exactly and with which sums you can be charged-off at the start / end of the trip.

Before the start of the trip, a definite sum of money on your bankcard that you added in Getmancar application will be blocked. Only blocked, but not charged-off! This sum is called “hold”

What is hold?

Hold is a temporary reserving of money on your bankcard, a temporary blocking of the money. Everything depends on the chosen tariff” it may be a sum of 300 hryvnias (per minute tariff), 500-800 hryvnias (subscriptions).

The Moderation service may raise the sum of your hold to 10 000 hryvnias.

Per minute tariff “Dynamic”, “Quite night”

If you have chosen per minute tariff, the payment logic will be the next:

  1. Hold blocking on your bankcard – at the start of the trip.
  2. The payment of using “Dynamic” tariff – at the end of the trip.

Subscriptions “PO for…”, “PI”, “Daily”, “Doublet”

The payment logic for one of the subscriptions: the hold sum is blocked on your bank card at the start of the trip.

At the end of the trip the payment for the subscription chosen by you and kilometers that you have driven is charged-off from your bankcard.

Hold peculiarities

At the end of the trip, the hold sum will be “unblocked”:

  1. Fully, after midnight – if your trip was a “positive” one (positive balance), that means that there was enough money on your bankcard to pay for the trip.
  2. Partially, in 14 days
    • If your trip was a negative one that means that there was not enough money on your bankcard, that is why the necessary sum was charged-off from your hold.
    • If you violated Getmancar service terms of use, the fine will be charged-off from your hold.


Deductible is a sum of your responsibility that you carries if you get into road traffic accident.

Firstly, at your settings in the application is deductible in the amount of 20 000 hryvnias. However, you can make it less, then you will have a monthly fee for the less / zero responsibility:

  1. Responsibility 20 000 hryvnias – fee 0 hryvnias/month;
  2. Responsibility 10 000 hryvnias – fee 300 hryvnias/month;
  3. Responsibility 5 000 hryvnias – fee 500 hryvnias/month;
  4. Responsibility 0 hryvnias – fee 700 hryvnias/month.

The fee is charged-off every last day of the month (the 30th or the 31st day of month, or 28th or 29th of February).