Photographing a car

Why take photos?

You can take pictures of cars for various purposes. As part of this publication, we would like to talk about the need for photography for your safety and alibi.

We recommend taking pictures of the car before and after the each car sharing. Photos do not necessarily send to us, you can save them in your phone.


How the photo helps you

In case of a claim, including damage to the car, you can always send a photo made by you and it will be accepted as proof.


General photo recommendations

When photographing a car, always:

1. Take a photo so that you can see not only the car, but also the surrounding environment, so you can understand that you were shooting a photo in a place

2. If the damage or something is too small, take a few photos: remote, approximate, that is, use several large-scale photos

3. Always include the definition of the geo-location when photographing, so we know exactly the location, the time of the photo and the plus environment that is 100% will indicate your excuse.

4. Photographing is your right, but not an obligation. If you think that it will be calmer and more reliable, take a photo, maybe it will come in handy.


Photos from outside

Photographing the car is necessary on 4 sides, so that you can see the state number on each photo.

1. Right side and front

2. Left side and front

3. Left side and back

4. Right side and back


Additionally you can do:

1. Photo of the windshield: the general photo, the number of the glass (photo of the brand and serial number), a chip or crack near.

2. A large-scale photo if there is any damage, so that it can be seen on the entire surface of the part and near



Photos in the salon

Do this:

1. A photo with an open car door

2. Photos of places of damage, pollution and ... ..

Any photo is done on a different scale, that is remotely, approximately, so that you can understand what is wrong (pollution, damage, ... ..) and so that you can understand the interior of the car where it is located.



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What kind of damages we do not declare

If you come to the car and found damage before the beginning of the car sharing, immediately contact the Customer Service, photograph the damage and follow the operator's prompts to start the car sharing or use another car.


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