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Polls about free and zonal tariff

Dear user of the service, thank you for being with us


Every day, we are with you and trying to get better and meet everyone's requirements. By satisfying the requirements of one, we limit  others.


The last of our changes: the zoning in the parking, now the zones are reduced to the "islands". Many people want us to deprive our model of using a car when you park a car closer to your home on the carriageway and not near the subway, stations, etc. The views are different.


Moving every day forward, while trying to satisfy you, we want to offer you the following:

1. "Island" tariffs - those who want to use the services of leaving the car on the "islands" will have the same tariffs as:

• Per-minute (will be reduced, it will look like Hourly, you will pay for kilometers).

• Hourly

• Daily.

2. "Free" tariffs - those who want to leave the car at the any place in the city (the Zone has certain restrictions as it was before) - will receive only:

• Minute rate (5 UAH / min)

• Daily rate (costing UAH 999 and included 100 km run without extra fee).

In addition, users of the "free" tariff pay a monthly fee of 390 UAH / month for each 1 day of the new month (will be automatically deducted).


Free parking areas are: streets, yards. It will be offered on the map. There is an example cover on FaceBook, but it will be corrected for the subject: yards, private sector, garages, and more.


Those who use zonal sharings will not be able to complete a rent in any part of city, but only in the area, but will be able to start anywhere.


The user of each program will only see the zones allowed by his tariff plan, if you use the zone sharings, you will not be able to see zones for the program-free tarrifs.


Switching from the tariff to the tariff is possible by applying for our e-mail, within 24 hours no more than 1 time a month.


Please take part in testing on our Facebook page by this  link.


If you want additional "free" tariffs - click "ТАК".

If you are satisfied with "island" tariffs - press "НІ".


If you are not an active user in the FB, send us a reply or, a letter with the word and the topic "ТАК" or "НІ".


If more than 25% of the respondents put "ТАК", we will develop a "free" program, if "НІ", we will leave only existing programs regarding the zones.


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