Private leasing hits the automakers

The concept of private leasing is developing in the world. This is perfectly felt by all leasing companies, as well as by automakers. The current head of the corporation VOLVO said: "In the near future, the number of cars purchases by consumers will decrease, but this does not mean that cars will disappear. We are working in this direction and see the market trends."


Despite the fact that almost all automakers have established their own leasing companies, recently these companies are either merged with third companies or sold, and automakers are increasingly focusing on production. This happened with VolksWagen, Renault and other companies.


Sharing economy, when people and companies tend to share cars, captures the civilized world. This is recognized by car manufacturers and they understand that despite the fact that personal use and purchase of their own cars will not disappear, nevertheless the market will decline in the near future.


Not for nothing is the companies-manufacturers create or enter into the composition of the car sharing companies.


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