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Fueling a car

The main thing that you should know is that fuel is free in all service tariffs.

Some more important information

  • You see the Remaining fuel in each car immediately upon booking. Therefore, before renting, you can always see how full the car's tank is.
  • If you see a car with a critical fuel level (less than 20%), you can help us fill it up and get bonuses for help, or take another car. If during your trip there is less than 20% fuel left, according to the service rules you must definitely refuel а car. You don't want to upset the next user, do you?
  • It is necessary to refuel the car at certain filling stations - service partners, which are indicated in the mobile application.
  • If you decided to help us with refueling, you do not need to pay your money, use the fuel card that is in the glove compartment. We count 50 bonuses for care. Be sure to warn the support operator about the desire to refuel the car, he will give step-by-step instructions on refueling.
  • If you do not plan to refuel your car, choose cars with a fuel level of more than 20%.

Instructions for refueling a carsharing car

1. Make sure that the fuel in the cars is less than 20% and contact the support service to inform about the desire to refuel the car.

Vehicle refueling step 1 - picture

2. Check for a fuel card in the car's glove compartment.

Vehicle refueling step 2 - photo

3. Choose a filling station convenient for you from the list of partners in the application. To do this, click on the gas station mark on the left panel. All filling stations where you can refuel a car-sharing car will appear on the map.

Vehicle refueling step 3 - picture

4. By clicking on any gas station, you can pave the way to it in the navigator.

Vehicle refueling step 4 - picture

5. Go to the gas station.

Vehicle refueling step 5 - photo

6. Take out the fuel card from the glove compartment and activate it by calling the support service. The operator will tell you which type of fuel to choose.

7. Park the car at the fuel dispenser, open the fuel tank hatch.

Vehicle refueling step 7 - photo

8. When you have opened the gas tank, put the car in «waiting» mode, it will be cheaper in the minute tariff.

Vehicle refueling step 8 - picture

9. Go to the application and click on the petrol station icon next to the car, you will see the instructions for refueling, as well as the PIN of the fuel card.

Vehicle refueling step 9 - picture

Please note that the PIN will appear only if the fuel is less than 20%, otherwise the car does not need to be refueled. If the car still needs to be refueled (you are going on a long trip or take the car for a few days), ask the support service for the PIN.

10. Give your fuel card to the petrol station cashier and fill up a full tank, do not forget to take the refueling check.

Vehicle refueling step 10 - photo

11. After refueling, return to the car and make sure that it is full and the fuel tank hatch is closed. Refueling data will be displayed in the application, but only after starting the engine. Therefore, open the car — the rental will continue.

12. Take a photo of the check in the background of the dashboard and send the photo through the application by clicking on the mark of the gas station and uploading the photo.

Vehicle refueling step 12 - photo

13. Done, continue the trip. Within 24 hours, you will be credited with 50 bonuses. Thanks for the good deed!

To find out more about car sharing services, go to the FAQ section.